Sunday, July 26, 2009

We All Win

When I said, "tomorrow morning" in the post below, I really meant "some time soon". I was ready to do it today, but have to double check something first. I suck, we know that, it's probably why we're all here to begin with.

However, I do have exciting news where we're all winners. Kent Osborne is sending us pictures of himself in various states of undress, as requested. How awesome is the internet? Ask and ye shall receive! I asked for you all, of course, since some of you are single college girls and some of you are single moms and some of you are just a little slutty, which is cool too.

AND now we can all be grateful that I introduced us to "he-who-shall-never-be-named-again" because something interesting is actually coming from it! We can feel good about that now!

I was telling Mr. Ashley that Kent had commented and why that was cool (I didn't really focus on the whole naked pictures part--at all) and Big Kid overheard. We were in the car later and he said, "Hey mom, dat guy--um, somefin' 'bout Spongebob and Flapjack? I need to know his name and what he does."

When the information I gave was insufficient, he begged me to google it on my phone to get his exact job title. As I read from his impressive IMDB page, Big Kid hmmmed and ohhhed. I finished and he said, "So, no Yo Gabba Gabba?"

"Um, no. But a lot of other things. Nominated for 3 Primetime Emmys? That's a big deal."

"Yeah, but no Yo Gabba Gabba."

"Well no, but it doesn't really work like that. Yo Gabba Gabba just doesn't have whoever on, you know?"

"Dey had Jack Black on."


"If Jack Black got on, he prob'ly could. Maybe he dest needs to be tryin' harder."

"Maybe so. That's a good point."

So there's some free career advice from Big Kid--he's kind of a big deal, you know.

I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures. For my readers, of course.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting and how noble of you!

AnastasiaBeaverhousen said...

I can't wait for some nekkid Kent pics!!! ;)

My kids are bonkers over the fact that I know "Weenie #2" from Spongebob. They have told all of camp and one kid asked me if I can get Patrick to come to their beach day..... now I am off to start an internet fight with Bruce Springsteen to see if I can get tix...wish me luck.

Jennifer said...

No Yo Gabba Gabba?! I just don't know if he is even worth our time. LOL

I made the mistake of letting Bud watch YGG the other day. He was enthralled. What is it about that insanity that makes kids love it so much?

Anonymous said...

Ready and waiting ;-)

Sara said...

I saw Kent on AK and have been curious to see more. Good news!