Thursday, July 16, 2009

Within the next 25 minutes

I suck for not checking my email more often and just found out we can all download free Aurora photo editing software until 9:15 a.m.

So quick--go HERE and add it to your cart, add code FREE24.

Here's the email:

Aurora, the powerfully simple photo editing, organizing and sharing software (now available for Mac and PC!) is FREE for 24 hours. Yes, anyone can download Aurora to own it forever – for free – between 9:15 am Eastern on 6/15 and 9:15 am Eastern on 6/16. Simply visit, select “Buy Now,” and enter FREE24 at checkout. That’s it! Why is it free? Aurora is offering this 24-hour summer giveaway to celebrate its launch of Aurora for Mac and several new features now available in Aurora. See the attached press release for more information about the new features, including a Retouch editing tool! (The updated version of Aurora is a free download for existing customers, so you’re covered – when you open the software starting tomorrow, you’ll be prompted to download the latest version.)

We’ve got something else in store for July that will enable you to put Aurora to good use.

Share your best edited shots to win big throughout July

To celebrate great photos and great photo editing made simple with Aurora, we’re holding an Aurora Friday Photo Editing Challenge this month…and everyone is invited to participate for a shot at winning some big prizes. We’ve got three incredible guest judges lined up – Tracey Clark from, Amy Locurto from I Heart Faces, and Julie May from UnScene Photography Tour. You can enter the challenge, and read more details about it, on the Aurora Facebook page: (details will be posted overnight tonight, but we wanted to make sure you had this news in advance, as well).


Jennifer said...

Missed it by 30 minutes.

Just Lisa said...

Is this the exact email? Because this says you can download it in June:

"– for free – between 9:15 am Eastern on 6/15 and 9:15 am Eastern on 6/16."

6/15 is June 15th.
7/15 is July 15th.

Either way, I'm too late, and this makes me sad.

Unknown said...

That is weird, Grace. It is the exact email and I think I just got it yesterday morning. Must be a typo.