Wednesday, October 14, 2009


We had dinner at my mom and dad's new house tonight and I'm too tired for anything in-depth or funny. Here's my parents' view. The other direction is even prettier but uploading takes too long:

Here's some links for you:

If God had wanted me to be accepting of gays...
Some guy and his cat
Frozen sculpture of artist's head, made with his own blood
Girl Scouts
Cigna kills some lady's kid and then gives her the finger--Stay classy, Cigna!
Family photo in space
Mystery google--get what the person in front of you searched for
Gross but amusing
The meet up
How to tell if you're raising a Republican or a Democrat
Sweet Child o' Mine on violin
Do this with me when I die

Sorry so lazy tonight, I promise you a funny Big Kid story tomorrow.


Mommy Wishdom said...

Great links. Thanks!

Life, Love And Lola said...

WOW! What a view!

Anonymous said...

i just love the onion. thanks for exposing other peopel to it. it's like a hidden treasure of giggles when i'm in a bad mood.