Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday reading

A long time ago I linked to a funny email exchange about a guy who tried to pay his bill with a spider, and then the same guy denying he had pets in his apartment (if I was a good blogger, I'd find and re-link these, but whatever, I'm here on Sunday, aren't I?) Here's that guy again.

This place went from being the most densely populated place on Earth to being abandoned. I love urban exploration-type stuff.

Really funny mating ritual performed on some guy's head.

Artist turns "Missed Connections" Craigslist posts into art. Cool idea!

Librarian provides books for troubled boy to steal.
Boy grows up to be a judge, credits his love of reading (and the Librarian) for saving his life.

48 year old blogger has lived 9 years without spending money because he hates consumerism.

Cool rocket launch photo destroyed the lens
, but was totally worth it.

This is your body on drugs. His mom must be so proud (and I'm not being sarcastic there).

Train engineers: The real victims of suicide-by-train. If you're going to kill yourself (and you shouldn't because it's a dumb idea, and if you have kids it isn't even an option--seriously, it's not, don't be an asshole and ruin their lives) at least have some fucking manners about it. Don't involve other people, don't make loved ones find your body, try not to make too much of a mess. I know so many people who are screwed up not only because people around them killed themselves, but because of how people around them killed themselves. Be considerate, even if it's the last thing you do.

Funniest class shirt ever --quite a jump from the suicide rant, no?

Hong Kong skyline panorama. Just a neat picture.


Dilbert finds great use for Twitter


Anonymous said...

Re: Suicide - don't do it in a hotel either. Just saying. Think of your housekeeper.


Former Fat Chick said...

I read his blog all the time and am totally enthralled by him and his son, the pets in the apartment almost made me pee myself.