Sunday, October 25, 2009

Random and unorganized

Sorry I've been MIA all weekend. I've felt kind of crappy and my thoughts aren't organized enough for blogging.

(That's foreshadowing to clue you in that this will be a sub-standard, unorganized post)

We took the kids to a hockey game last night. It was their first and little kid has been dead-set on being a hockey player for some time now, although he has never seen the sport. He loved the fighting (who doesn't?) and kept yelling "You wanna piece of me? You wanna piece of my team?". Then, much to the horror of everyone sitting around us, I bought both boys cow bells. The look on people's faces when I pulled them from my purse and presented them to the kids was well worth the ridiculous $16 cost. Our team sucks, so they didn't get to ring their bells as much as they'd like, but I was a hero in their eyes (and everyone sitting next to us can go suck it).

Big Kid was snuggling in bed with me the other night when I was watching Dateline. It was near the end and I didn't think he would pay attention, so I didn't turn it. Bad move on my part because it was about a murder case, and Big Kid didn't even realize people killed other people, and of course he paid attention.

"What happened to dat lady, mom?"

"Oh. Uh, she died. It's sad."

"She died?!? How? From sickness? An accident?"

"Well, no. It's really, really sad, but someone killed her. A bad person. That doesn't happen a lot." I lied.

"MOM! NO! NO! Tell me dat din't happen! Not to her! Why?" he asked, eyes filling with tears.

"Oh babe. I don't know why. She didn't want to see her boyfriend anymore and he got mad and did a horrible, horrible thing. Maybe they were fighting and it was an accident."

He started crying. "How could he do dat?? How? I can't believe dat happened to her. I'll never forget her, mom. I'm so sad for her."

I was so pissed at myself for accidentally exposing him to that. I spent the time before bed trying to calm him down and assure him that she was now safe and happy up in heaven.

"You know what, mom? I'm gonna build a machine dat makes it so no one dies ever. 'Cuz I hate dat, I hate dat people die and I don't like heaven. My machine would also bring back Heidi Louise and dis lady here and no one would have to be sad." I told him that was an awesome idea and that he should definitely add that to the list of machines he's planning to invent.

To finish up this awkward post, here are some links:
Salvador Dali and his pet anteater (Dali puts the 'awe' in awesome, I'm a huge fan.)

Dogs and children (Don't leave them alone together or this could happen.)

$13-an-hour secretary job gets 500 applications (Oddly, this made me feel better about being rejected or ignored for the 30+ part time jobs I've applied for)

Photos of pollution in China (Wow.)

To Andy Warhol, From Mick Jagger (I know it's probably not cool to think so, but I believe Andy Warhol was a bit of a hack. Don't get me wrong, I now enjoy the iconic art like most people, but more for the "pop culture" aspect than any talent on his part. Back then I would've been calling bullshit, though.)

What does Marcellus Wallace look like (I really love Pulp Fiction. I've seen it a million times and would watch it again right now. It's on my top 5 all time favorites list. I've seen everything other than Inglourious Basterds by Tarantino, and I truly think he's a genius.)

This is who I want to be in 40 years (No explanation needed.)

Hitler without the mustache (I think his mustache was partly responsible for all of the evil-doing)

What would Jesus Do (not this, he was like a liberal and a socialist! Gasp!)

Damn, I have a ton more but this seems like too much. Either it's been too long since I last did links, or I've found a lot of cool stuff since then. I like to include all the newly found stuff because I'm highly unorganized and anything that isn't at the top of the favorites list eventually gets forgotten and lost because I can't remember if I shared it before or not. Oh well.

Have a happy Sunday! I have Catfish's baby shower today (Today, not last weekend!)


Nikky said...

Hitler without his mustache looks like Stanley Roper from 3's Company...

Anonymous said...

I love the links. I think of you like my cool personal assistant who surfs the net in my stead to find all the best stuff. And I mean that in the kindest way.

Susan in Texas

p jane said...

Yay for hockey games!

The dog & kid pic cracked me up, but the best part? Is that the kid isn't wearing matching jammies, which I've tried to get through my kids' heads is NOT a sin. ;)