Saturday, October 10, 2009

That's Mine

Today, I had to defend a scab on my foot from being picked by both kids. Completely separate occasions too, neither child knew the other kid had already tried to pick the scab.

little kid was more persistent, asking, staring, and poking until I forbade him to even look in the general direction of my foot.

Big Kid spotted it, reached out and began peeling, protesting as I slapped him away.

What the hell? How bizarre that I live with people that take such liberties with my person that they would both think that it was perfectly okay to literally open my wounds for their own entertainment.

I tried to point out to both of them how inappropriate it was for them to think that was okay, but they were too busy staring at my scab to notice.


Jennifer said...

Kids. Ugh. They think they own us.

Melissa said...

My brother used to do that to me when i was a little kid. He had to try to pick my scabs. Maybe its a boy thing!