Thursday, November 5, 2009


You know how I couldn't get Murphy fixed because I knew I'd laugh when I had to call for a quote and tell them that he had "undescended testicles"?

Well, the other day he tried to mark my beautiful dining room table as his territory and I slipped and fell in it. As I came up with a detailed plan to quietly murder him in the garage and bury him under the hedges and tell the family he had run away, I picked up the phone and called a nearby spay and neuter place and calmly managed to say "undescended testicles" without laughing at all.

He's there now and I hope I've gotten my point across that the dining room table is mine! You fuck with my beloved table and punishment is swift and brutal. Let it be a lesson to everyone. I love that table.

I was doing good about it today, too, but after I reminded her, she yelled, "Mike, THAT'S the dog with the undescended testes," as I handed Murph over to some guy in front of a crowded room full of people. It was fine though, just a nervous giggle.

Poor Murph. He looked sad. I'm proud of myself for getting it done though.


Caren said...

You did the best thing for Murphy. We had our Ziggy done a few months ago and I definitely notice a difference in his personality. He's a bit less wild.

Let's just hope for little kid's sake that HE never tries to mark your dining room table. ;)

Jennifer said...

Awesome job at the not laughing. I laugh just reading it.

Melissa said...

That's for the laugh this morning. :)

Hope Murphy has learned his lesson!
Dude, and BK and LK for that matter too! ;-)

Joy said...

that will teach him to pee on your table! a punishment of having your balls cut out is pretty harsh:)

But for the best in the end!

Joy said...

just remind your hubs the next time he pees on the back of your toilet what happened when the dog peed out of place!

Jen said...

Husband took our yellow female labrador to the vet one day. Our 3-year old went with him. In the waiting room, nice and loud for everyone to hear, 3-year old daughter says to husband..."Daddy, does Haley have a vagina?" but she said "bagina". ha ha ha ha.

Katie said...

Yay Ashley! I knew you could do it!