Monday, November 9, 2009


Today in the car Big Kid said, "little kid, I was in your dream last night. I went into your dream about cowboys, my friend Jake's dream about vampires and Dad's dream."

"That's really weird," I told him, "What was dad's dream?"

He shuddered a little. "I don't want to say. It was more like a nightmare."

"Now you have to tell me! little kid, did you really dream about cowboys last night?"

"Yeah!" he answered, but he usually dreams about horses or cowboys or spiderman or dinosaurs.

"So, Big Kid, what was dad dreaming about?"

"He was...boxing kids."

Laughing, "So your dad was beating up kids?"

"Boxing 'em, like wif gloves."

"That's funny, could you see my dream?"

"I tried, but I couldn't get into your dream bubble. I did try lots of times, but nope, yours was too tough."

Mr. Ashley swears he wasn't dreaming about beating up kids, but he could be lying. Big Kid often has interesting dreams. I used to but haven't had many that I remember lately.

My good friend The Renee is in town!! The kids and I met her down at the Ritz pool where we hung out this afternoon. It was so awesome to see her, we haven't been in touch as much lately but getting together was fun and normal like it always is and we had a great time. Tomorrow we're having a girl's night out and I can't wait. I've been remarkably social and having fun again lately. Em's mom and I went out Saturday night and I got back in touch with the super hot, super fun Girl Crush from way back and she's missed me. So I'm doing good with all of that.

I also mopped and vacuumed today, which isn't really relevant to this post but I feel like I deserve some recognition for it. I've decided that I actually have an undiagnosed domestic disorder. People have learning disabilities and behavioral disorders--my inability to effectively manage household chores falls somewhere on that spectrum and I want a name, and possibly some medication, for it. So let's work on that.


Lindsey said...

here's what i'm thinking.... renee should spend the night. have a dream... and have big kid tell us ALL how he got into her dream bubble.

now THAT'S a fun blog story. or creepy... or whatever.

The Drama Mama said...

I love it! I also have a domestic disorder. Let me know when they find a cure......or some damn good drugs.

Jennifer said...

I seriously love you. I knew it was an actual disorder. I can not for real be this lazy for no reason at all.

Mommy said...

For a name, DH suggested "Antidomesticosis". Which is funny because he and I just got into an argument about it.

Unknown said...

When you get a name for that disorder, you let me know! And then maybe email it to my husband explaining that it is a medical condition that 1 in 3 moms has so he doesn't think I am the only one!