Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Weekend

I feel like I've been neglectful of you all, but I went out on the boat on Sunday (which now runs smoothly thanks to a collaborative effort from people who look forward to enjoying the boat!) and have been super tired thanks to the time change and the resultant never-ending days. I've also eaten an insane amount of stolen Halloween candy, which makes me not feel so great.

Halloween was fun. I don't have many pictures because I decided to go old school and load up my old film camera since it never fails me. I'm kind of excited to get actual pictures back, too. I was resistant to the whole digital thing and now I kind of feel like I'm going to include the film camera on major holidays and birthdays just to make sure that I get things printed on a regular basis. Here are 2 digital ones I do have:

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People were confused by Big Kid's costume but 99% were pretty good about it, either making a guess (Al Capone, an elegant gentleman, a wealthy man) or nodding and smiling. We live in an area of predominantly old people, so most were still completely confused when he explained that he was a "Mack Daddy", but were grateful that we had come by and were excited to have trick or treaters. It was really nice and the kids loved it. I think little kid will attempt to trick or treat for every holiday now, he was reluctant to quit and has been scheming all weekend to get his hands on his candy bag. He was adorable knocking on doors Cops-style in his muscle-bound Batman costume.

Remember the awkward mom from last year who always told me the weird things Big Kid said about me, and who sat with him but didn't help him buy/get lunch when there was lunch confusion? (as if I'd send him with an empty lunch box on purpose! He had lunch money! We just forgot to take the empty lunch box out of his backpack. He went hungry that day, she was happy to report to me) Yeah, we ran into her during the day.

We walked up, said hi, the dad said, "So, is he a pimp?" in a I-can't-believe-your-kid-is-dressed-like-a-pimp sort of way (which I get, I really do, I knew people would not approve and am okay with that. Some tact and a lower voice would have been great, but okay.). I laughed and winked and said, "He's a 'mack daddy'! He picked out the costume, he likes the snazzy suit!" Ha-ha. Then the mom says, "Big Kid, you haven't grown at all!" I looked at her and then turned to her son, talking about how we missed him, how was school, and again she says, "Big Kid hasn't grown at all. Look son! Look how Big Kid hasn't grown!"

WTF lady? I was JUST feeling bad about not keeping in touch with these people too, and was starting to think I had mis-interpreted her prior awkwardness. I look at her again, over our kids' heads. "They've both grown! They're getting so big." ha HA, come on lady. Don't give my kid a complex.

"No, Big Kid hasn't grown at all! Look how short he is!"

"Yeah, well, uh, we'll see you around," I said as we walked away. She brings it up 4 times? After I gently correct her and change the subject 3 times? I am so confused about what this lady's deal is, and it sucks that our kids like each other so much but she's always saying and doing stuff that seems so odd.

(For the record, her kid is a full year older than Big Kid and was easily the biggest and oldest kid in his kindergarten class last year. Big Kid's 6, wears size 6 clothes, and is about average in height to the rest of his class this year. This is only relevant to show how weird it is for her to go on and on about his perfectly average size.)

I feel bad that our kids get along so well but I just can't deal with her. I could even deal with not wanting to be BFFs, but every time we see each other, she says something that leaves me feeling confused. Big Kid's just going to have to be friends with the children of cool moms, if kid friendships require so much mom interaction these days.


Maddness of Me said...

BK can be my pimp any day!

or, something like that.

Valerie said...

What a weirrrrrrd lady. I admire you for not slapping her. I feel like slapping her, and its not even my kid.

Jennifer said...

She's a bitch. Some people just are. You don't have to like her or feel guilty about. I bet if you talked to the other moms they would feel the same way.

Theresa said...

Good heavens - that's flat out rude! What could she have been thinking?! Good thing you don't have to deal with her on a regular basis. I'm still pissed off about the lunch box thing and it didn't even happen to my kid.

jenn said...

I would have had a very difficult time not saying very seriously, "Yes, yes he is a pimp. We're hoping he goes into the family business sometime." And when the "not growing" was mentioned? Say doubtfully, "Well, he has been smoking an awful lot lately."

What a bitch.

p jane said...

Cool! So glad to hear about successful trick-or-treating.

Thanks for making me feel better about my own social awkwardness. Seriously, you're being kind offering that as an out for this woman because awkward shouldn't equal rude. (At least she married her own kind, right?)

As for 4th grader wore sandals to school yesterday (it was in the low 50s) and told his teacher it was because his mom wouldn't give him socks to wear his sneakers. He HAD socks in the drawer but none he liked and no, I didn't hand him socks with the rest of his clothes because he is NINE. I saw the sandals as I dropped him off and commented, he asked to go back home but I said Nope. His feet wouldn't freeze and his teacher knows us from having oldest son last year...but I still felt like a schmuck.

J said...

I think you are a cool mom for letting BK wear the costume despite what people might think!

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable what some people say. I would avoid that woman like the plague! BK will make other friends.

Lori said...

What is wrong with that lady? I can see how much Big Kid has grown just from the pictures you post. I think there is really something wrong with her.

The kids look great! little kid looks like one scary dude and Big Kid makes a great mack daddy.

LivingLifeBackwards said...

Seriously? She seriously said that. Obviously she's socially retarded. So when I run into people like that I assume that it's OK to be socially retarded back. My response would've been, "Actually he's grown 3 feet. Apparently eye sight is going with age. You've must've had a stressful year look at all those wrinkles."

Kelli said...

Honestly? Seriously? Someone needs to punch that woman square in the mouth. I give you big props for being more of a lady than I am!

Skitzo Leezra said...

Let's role play for the next encounter with this "lady".
Her: (( something weird ))
You: What's that?
Her: (( repeats above ))
You: You realize you've said that twice, right? Are you taking (air quotes) medicine?
Her: (( something else weird ))
You: Spontaneously hug her. Really tight. Hold the hug for longer than socially acceptable. Then whisper, "I am still praying for you" and pretend to wipe a tear from your eye. No matter what she says, stay silent, stare at her and adopt your best look of pity.
If you see her again, before she says anything, grasp her hand and look deeply into her eyes and gently ask "How are things for you now?" Give her the idea that you know something.
Bet she'll avoid YOU in the future.
I would.

Mom2Gizmo (Molly) said...

WTF, Lady?! Seriously WHAT is her problem. Yet again, you are a better person than I am because I would have had to make a smartass comment back...and look, your ass is just as big as it was last time, too! Or, "WOW...a whole year and you STILL have no tact!?" Something...
The boys are adorable and I love them! Love seeing their pics!

Jen said...

WTH? I would have said something back. No way could I have stayed quiet on that one. She is a total bitch. You don't say things like that in front of a child and possibly make him feel bad about himself. What is wrong with her? Next time - GET HER - you need an arsenal of witty comments to snap back at her. Like, "Does putting other people down make you feel better about yourself?". Argh. I'm growling over here - don't like her at all.

Anonymous said...

She's a bitch. Plain and simple.

Susan in Texas

bugs mom said...

I'm glad to know that I'm not alone. There are a lot of "Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs" people out there having kids - my daughter is apparently a magnet for them. I have become an expert at dodging play date invitations! That woman sounds like a serious nut job - too bad that she'll probably ruin her kids social life....

Desiree said...

She's not weird, she's a bitch.

Stop being nice to her, I know you have some bitch in you-let her have it.

Lilian said...

I'll just flat out say she high?

A. said...

ok, I'm late with my blog reading and have just now gotten around to this post. A) what Leezra said is awesome. do something like that. I love the part about still praying for her! and B) this woman is terribly insecure. she is either jealous of you or of something related to Big Kid, but overall she is just really insecure which makes her say weird things.

Bask in the glow of your awesome weiner-gobbling Ashleyness and avoid her whenever possible.