Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Mr. Ashley and I were talking after work and he mentioned that he needed to go into work early on Turdsday. We frequently call it that thanks to years of listening to a funny local radio program in our area, I know others who do it too. (Justifying here.)

Big Kid interrupted us from across the room and said, "Do you fink you two could start sayin' "Fursday"? I don't need a little brudder who finks Turdsday is a day of da week."

It usually irritates me when he corrects me, but he actually has an excellent point.


Theresa said...

I can totally hear my son telling me the same thing. Glad I'm not alone!

Melissa said...

The heck with calling it Thursday, I'm all for BK's suggestion of Fursday. He can even break out the pimp suit for that one!