Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Update on Reggie

Lots of Reggie-related questions lately. I know I've been quiet about him, but I swear he's alive and well and still adorable.

He doesn't really do much, so there aren't many Reggie tales to share. He turned his pointy little nose up at the wheel I bought for his cage, which is unfortunate since he's fat and that wheel cost $25. We've been letting him loose on the screen lanai at night and he runs around having fun out there, but otherwise he's snuggled up in the tube in his cage or between my hip and the arm of the couch.

He really only likes me. He tolerates Mr. Ashley and avoids the kids and pets. He doesn't really care for strangers and gets all poky and starts hissing, but he's cool with me. He doesn't bite, just makes himself difficult to hold. I love that he only likes me, it's about time I have something that is mine. The kids and pets don't even try to mess with him now. Lily the German Shepherd would love to be friends and attempts one gentle kiss each time he's out but he's not really down with that at all. She seems satisfied after she's done it though, I think she believes they're making progress.

He's really not much trouble. I use pine shavings in the bottom of his cage (which is still a plastic bin because it's working out great) and he eats cat food. I try to feed him fruit or peanut butter but he's not that interested. He does like wet cat food but it makes his cage smell, so that's a once a week thing. I put a variety of different toys in his cage each night and sometimes they've moved, so maybe he plays with them. There was some talk of setting up a Reggie cam and even streaming it online, but you know...I'm lazy and all. I also have technical difficulties and stuff.

Anyway, Reg the Hedge is doing great, I guess.


Sara said...

Aren't you afraid he's going to get lost? I would be scared that he would crawl down into the couch cushions and get crunched. :( I really want to get one though!!!

Unknown said...

My cushions are attached to the couch, so there isn't really anywhere he can go. He's also not a real fast mover. Otherwise, I'd be worried.

Jennifer said...

Aw, Lily sounds sweet. Maybe one day Reg will give her a bone... so to speak.

Joy said...

see you don't kill all things small and cute:)