Monday, November 23, 2009

Island Time

Friday afternoon little kid walked up to me and said, "Amorrow I'm gonna go get our boat and go to da island. You wanna come?" We all thought that sounded pretty good, so we made it happen:

the sand bar we go to

This picture doesn't show it well because the zoom is awful on my little camera, but there were about 90000 pelicans swarming this one area off of the island. We drove by on our way out and it was like a carpet of fish, all jumping and squirming over the tops of the waves and being plucked up by birds. It was crazy. We also saw a ton of dolphins that day, playing in the wakes of boats and jumping through waves.

Big Kid prints.

It was an awesome day.

We have surprise out of town guests so we've decided to bust Big Kid out of school a little early and go do it all again today. Pretty nice way to spend a Monday!


GreenGal said...

You bitch, I'm so jealous. We used to live in Charleston, SC and I miss the beach and warm weather SO MUCH this time of year. The cold makes me want to cut myself.

Thought in the spirit of the holidays I'd de-lurk and actually comment on one of your posts non-anonymously. I was the one a few days ago who made the "whore" comment about the whore with the bling who paid like $12 for her spay/neuter.

Love your blog! Happy Holidays! :)

Patience said...

I am jealous!! It is freezing here in the beautiful state of Michigan. Enjoy your day and I hope the pelicans don't dive bomb you.

Jennifer said...

That is a totally awesome way to spend the day. Little Kid is smart.

Theresa said...

That looks wonderful! You're a great mom for letting big kid enjoy the day too! I regret that there is no ocean near my home. What a beautiful day.

Lorena said...

I'm so jealous....It's so dreary and miserable here in Georgia today!

I wanna go next time!!!

Melissa said...

Way to go Little Kid!

Look at him with the great idea!

Julie H said...

How nice! Where do you live that you can be on a boat without a jacket in November? I'm in No/Central California and it's too cold lol.

MzLiz said...

Awesome--good for lk