Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Say what?

Conversation with Mr. Ashley prior to going boating:

Ashley: I want to get a pretty tan, but I guess I'm getting too old for that, so I put on spf 60 instead.

Mr. Ashley: Yeah, we both need to start working out.

Ashley: What?

Mr. Ashley: We need to start working out, you know, together, as a family. It would be nice to get in shape.

Ashley: Were you listening to me?

Mr. Ashley: Yes! That's why I'm saying, we need to work out and get in shape so you feel more comfortable--

(he gets flustered at this point, realizing that the conversation is terribly off track but unsure as to why or how)

Ashley: Uh, you were not listening! I was talking about pre-mature aging and you are talking about me getting fat!

Mr. Ashley: Wh-what? No! You aren't! I was...I thought--I was talking about me...about how I was thinking...

Ashley: Mmmm hmmmm.

(death laser eyes)

So, pretty safe to say that Mr. Ashley thinks I'm getting fat. My favorite jeans seem to agree with him. I did just recently find out that my local parks program offers childcare for $3 per drop-off and that does seem appealing--I may become a work out addict at those kinds of prices.


Jennifer said...

No joke, that would be like an hour (or two) of childcare. You totally can't beat that price.

Lindsey said...

$3 bucks!!!! i'm jealous. i keep trying to pretend i'll start working out. so far, the fantasy is better than reality

Renee said...

When we were in TX last spring, I was going to the gym almost every weekday, mostly because I wanted the break. They have an amazing childcare area with indoor gym, computers, big indoor playground, toys, etc. And I get 2 hours of peace each day! And I was actually getting in shape. Of course now I'm totally out of shape again...but I'll get back on track when I get back home in a few weeks. :) If I worked out 3 days during the week, I would reward myself on Fridays with an easy day in the hot tub, pool, steam room, etc. This is an excellent idea!

-The Renee

PS When can I see you next week? I'd love to get the kids together one afternoon, and then maybe you and I could squeeze in a Girls' Night Out one night? Appetizers at Cheesecake Factory? Is the fondue place open again? Or maybe a picnic on the beach with those chicken tenders, potato salad, and a bottle of wine? I can't wait to see you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Lin said...

Wow, I know how you feel. Yesterday I got home & noticed my husband in his work out clothes & mine laid out on the bed for me.

I guess his subtle hints werent working so he decided to go with the straight forward approach, lol. We worked out for the first time in 6 months last night, I'm in pain today.

Nikky said...

Ugh, I WISH I could get the boyfriend to work out with me. He's a black belt in Judo and something else (albeit an out of shape one now!), so when we DO work out at home together, he kicks my butt with all the cardio warmups. It's awesome. Painful, but awesome.

It's nice having a running partner, too, but he almost never goes for that...