Friday, November 20, 2009

Turkey Made Dinner

Yesterday Big Kid asked me for a stamp and an envelope and when I asked what he was doing, he said he was entering a contest to win us a turkey. He then presented me with a picture he had drawn of a turkey wearing a pilgrim hat standing next to a table with plates of corn, with a thought bubble that said, "I made food."

It was hysterical. I'm not sure the irony was intentional, but I really loved this picture. I read the rules and we had to mail it out the next morning in order to make the contest deadline. Honestly, I wanted the turkey picture more than a turkey and I seriously thought about "forgetting" or pretending to mail it but I thought it was wrong to deny him his chance of being in the contest. He had last minute thoughts before dropping it into the blue mail box and I briefly tried to talk him out of it. He sent it anyway. He would really like to win a turkey.

He drew a copy, but of course it's not quite as adorable as the original. I'm thinking about making him a photo book of the art in his art gallery as a Christmas gift to him, so I might actually get around to hooking up my scanner really soon. I really wish I had done it one of the many other times I've said I should.


Anonymous said...

How sweet!!! You should've made a photocopy of the original at the library or something!

Good Luck to BK on the contest! :-)

Anonymous said...

totally off topic: did you know that there are now snuggies for dogs? serious. funny shit.