Monday, April 5, 2010

Adventure Time

Don't call the Coast Guard!

(Unless you want to...they are right up there with fire fighters on the scale of hotness and I'd like very much to be rescued by them)

We survived camping. We actually had a great time and you'll hear all about it soon, but first I've got to go soak up some sun and fun on the last day of Big Kid's spring break!

DON'T FORGET to set your DVRs to record the Adventure Time premier tonight on Cartoon Network at 8pm. It looks adorable and clever and I'm not just saying that because Closet friend Kent Osborne writes it. However, we do want it to become a smashing success because Closet friend Kent Osborne writes it. He would be fun on the Ashley's Closet cruise. Anyway, the show is quick and witty, features a boy and his dog and involves math jokes--our kids will love it so turn it on for them. (My parents are TIVOing it for me!)

Also, the web-based game for Adventure Time is free and super fun. Big Kid destroyed his laptop by downloading virus-filled flash games and is no longer allowed to play online games without permission. I set him free on this site though and he's had a blast with it. I had fun the short amount of time I got to play before getting my computer hijacked by him. So if you're working today, the Adventure Time game might be a good way to avoid that.

I will be at the "mecunity pool" (as the boys call the community pool) working hard on my lovely tan! I'll be back later with photos and tales of camping and Easter. Have a fun Monday!


Anonymous said...

The game IS way fun!! There goes my work day...

Caren said...

Thanks for the reminder Ashley! The Son has been talking about that one... DVR set!

Joy said...

sounds good I haven't seen the previews but will look it up and set the DVR just cause you said so and I trust your judgment

Jennifer said...

I can not wait to hear about this camping trip.

Meghan said...

Since you have "an in" with Kent osborne, maybe he can clarify his stance on Arthur Kade. It appears he thinks he is an alright guy. I need to know as this affects my judgement of him and his products.

Unknown said...

Arthur Kade sucks so bad now, he's not even fun to hate anymore. I hate him now for ruining the fun of hating him.

Originally, I was also unsure of anyone who could want to hang out with AK. In my un-expert opinion on the matter, I think Kent was as "WTF?!" as the rest of us when it came to Kade; he was just curious (brave? dumb?) enough to try to figure it out in person.

I think you would like Kent though. He's sort of like the anti-Kade--respectable, interesting, employed and most likely doesn't smell like stale laundry. Pretty sure he owns furniture too, but I can't promise on that one. Actually, he could smell like dirty laundry, sleep on a broken beach chair and dream of Kade every night for all I know but he manages to act remarkably normal and he is a talented writer.

Even Anastasia Beaverhousen has forgiven him for his Arthur Kade association, so I think it's safe to watch Adventure Time. I believe he's more of a Kade-watcher than a Kade-enabler (but I agree, being a Kade-enabler would be unforgivable) ;-)

Meghan said...

ok, ashlee, but i am holding you responsible if i ever see a kent-scale!

Allison said...

I hadn't seen anything about this show but will be sure to add it to our line-up! Thanks for the recommendation!!

-Allison in TN

Anonymous said...

Looks cute! Looking forward to camping pics!

M. said...

My kids watched it and loved it!

AnastasiaBeaverhousen said...

Adventure Time was awesome!! We are totally in love with the show :)

As a sorta friend of Kent's (in a weird, alternate universe sort of way), I can say that he is in awe of Kade only in the "WTF" way Ashley referred to. Like the rest of the world, he wonders if this guy is for real or if it is a giant performance art project. He's met with him twice and still doesn't know the answer to the question that is Arthur Kade.

Add to that the fact that Kent is a genuinely nice, honest guy who I doubt could be mean to anyone, even uber-douche Kade. I hated him with the heat of a thousand suns when I thought he was a "friend" of AK's. Turns out he was just curious about the guy and I was just......ridiculous :)

Kent Osborne has brought a lot of joy and good times into our house with his talents (Flapjack, Spongebob to name a few) and now Adventure Time. I can only imagine what other sparks of genius and imagination are in that talented head of his. Graphic novel perhaps???? Can't wait to see :)

Meghan said...

Mme. Beaverhousen,

Ok then, I will watch and support.

I am not really familiar with a lot of cartoons. We have been living "away" for 15 years now. Only, the obvious toons have made there way into our realm.

Sponge Bob must travel well. I appreciate that a crab lives in Bikini Bottom.'


Kent said...

Oh wow, I fall behind on the Closet for a few days and look what I miss! Wow, thanks Ashley for telling the people about Adventure Time AND for defending my Arthur Kade obsession. You too Beaver! You're the best "sorta friend" a guy could have!

Meghan, everything they say about me is true! So please feel free to enjoy any of my products!