Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stuff that's not boring

To save you all from hearing about the terrible headache I had this morning or my completely irrational anxiety over going to a new dentist for a cleaning tomorrow, here are some things that may actually be of interest to you:

A river underwater --the pictures are kind of mind-blowing, it's hard to wrap your brain around what you're seeing.

The global warming conspiracy
--those goddamn tree-huggers.

Playing Stephen King -- I love this. It sounds like fun and sort of romantic (as romantic as randomly attacking each other for years can be!)

Queen Elizabeth II-- Photos of her with the presidents she's met. Imagine the life she's led!

Too Drunk-- This literally made me LOL. There should be a new abbreviation for that, since we all know you usually don't really Laugh Out Loud when you LOL. ILLOL.

Unusual Cupcake recipes-- Did you know that cupcakes don't always come from the bakery or a box? It's news to me.

DeadbyCubicle--Twitter stream of guy who works in call center. Extremely funny guy in an extremely amusing call center.

Life as a Teenage Harem Girl in Brunei-- Yep, it's as interesting as it sounds.

Hope you have a headache-free day and a no-scraping, no-poking tomorrow!


Lin said...

Thanks for the fun links. The underwater river photos are amazing!

Jennifer said...

Oh I had the migraine last night. Ugh. The worst I've had in awhile. I hope you feel better soon.

Mitch said...

People actually make cupcakes from scratch? Go figure.

And I love the pics of the Queen through the years. I am obsessed with British royalty!

Anonymous said...

Im totally feeling you with the whole dental anxiety. I just started going to a new dentist last month, and its a 45 minute drive to his office from my house. I almost turned around twice. LOL. But I pushed through all my "irrational" fears...and was glad I went. Its just the whole anticipation thing. Good luck. Take a Xanax, and take your Ipod. Oh, and thanks for the links.. its nice to zone out at the end of the day. Good luck!!! ~CoCo

Joy said...

Great links! Although, I can beat you on the cupcake one - You have to check this one out, they are amazing -

Charity said...

Deadbycubicle! I have to send that link to my husband. We met while working in a call center doing tech support before it was all outsourced overseas. I'm pretty sure the guy who wrote it worked with me at one point because I recognize most the people he described LOL