Thursday, April 22, 2010

Clean-up Routine

  1. I need to clean the house.
  2. First, I need a drink.
  3. Then, I'll check Facebook just real quick.
  4. Welp, might as well check for blog comments.
  5. And email.
  6. Okay, time to clean--put laundry in washer.
  7. I need music! I'll search my computer for some!
  8. A Netflix ad? I have Netflix movies to put in the mail box, I'll do that now!
  9. I should organize my Netflix queue. That's pretty urgent.
  10. Okay, time to clean for real this time!
  11. But I need another drink.
  12. Oops! Forgot music! Back to the computer.
  13. What was that new site I heard about for music? I'll go search the site I heard about it on.
  14. Grooveshark! Wow, cool site. I'll listen to some Janis Joplin while Mr. Ashley isn't around.
  15. I bet little kid would be impressed with my rendition of "Mercedes-Benz", let's show him!
  16. little kid likes it and demands dancing! Dance party, oh yeah!
  17. Okay, now I really have to start cleaning up.
  18. But first I should blog about how cool Grooveshark is, just in case anyone else needs music to clean up to.
  19. And when I go to get the link to share, it suddenly makes sense to make lots of different play lists to help me accomplish my many different tasks.

But now I really should go clean the house...(right after I check Facebook and blog comments and my email, just real quick.)


Lin said...

lol, hey that's just like my cleaning routine...minus the child.

Beth said...

My cleaning routine this morning was remarkably similar. Now I'm off to meet a friend for lunch. :)

Duel Living said...

Cleaning? Why on earth would you want to do something like that? I say continue the dance party and tell Mr. Ashley that it's Earth day and cleaning solvents are banned from use for the next 24 hours.


Kristen said...

That's my routine too.. but swap in doing work for cleaning (while at work I might add!)

And yes I do get some strange looks when the dance party starts!

Rachel said...

Haha, oh wow, this is what happens any time I try to do anything important.
Reminds me of this video about procrastination:

Julie H said...

That's about how my routine for getting anything done works lol

cfoxes33 said...

LOL. That's what my teens are for, right?

Jennifer said...

Grooveshark is cool, but the last time I tried to post a song from there to my blog I didn't like the way it worked.

Charity said...

That's my daily routine also! Right now I'm letting the cleaner "sit" in the bathroom to really get it clean. Now that I'm in the other room, I can smell the cleaner so I think I should let it air out before I go back in. That means I have time to do other things, like comment here.

Four Knights said...

I have the same routine, for any task that needs to be done. Work, writing, laundry, cleaning...

Ellie Di said...

This is me today! Got two hours of "real work" to put in first, though, so no cleaning/procrastinating until 3pm. But then! Oh, I'll do it up.

Cosmos said...

That's exactly what I do! I promise today will be better, in fact, I'm off to toss the sheets in the washer right now!

Elizabeth said...

Ahhhh....this sounds very familiar. And I wonder why I'm always having to remind my kids to do everything a million times. And why I'm late to everything. Oh well, dancing is way more important than cleaning stuff.

Katie said...

Sounds exactly like mine...