Friday, April 23, 2010

Dreamgenii Wiiner

So many sore sleepless pregnant ladies in the Closet and only one magical-looking Dreamgenii pregnancy pillow to give away. When I'm Oprah-rich, you'll all get massages on the cruise and you'll get Dreamgenii pillows in your gift bags, I promise.

But the one lucky Dreamgenii winner who is now obligated to dream about me every night for the rest of her pregnancy is:

Jenni--Jennifer in Minnesota - 27 weeks pregnant

Yay, Jenni from Minnesota! Email me your mailing address and they will mail you your magic maternity pillow:

But I still feel bad for the other aching pregnant ladies who were excited about the thought of sleeping comfortably again. I've mentioned that to the nice Dreamgenii people and we're trying to work out a special offer for the rest of you. So if you're interested in buying a Dreamgenii, would you email me by next Friday (April 30th) with DREAMGENII in the subject line? And I'll get it figured out and email you back.

Thanks everyone!

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Amanda said...

Congratulations Jenni! Enjoy your sleep and dreams of Ashley. ;)