Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Back to Life

I had a really fun Spring break with Big Kid and was sad to send him back to school today.

The other night I hugged him and said, "I've had a fun day with you."

"I've had a fun day with you too," he answered.

"I've had a fun week with you!"

"I've had a fun week with you too!" he said.

"I've had a fun Spring break with you. I'm sad it's over."

"I had a fun Spring break too. Soon it will be Summer and then I will turn 7 and then I will go to second grade."

"Oh my god. Is that possible? Second grade? A second grader? How could I have a second grader? How did this happen?!"

"Because life goes," he said simply and sweetly.

I squeezed him tighter then, considering the wisdom of that statement and realizing how quickly life was going when it comes to my boys. I took the moment to breathe him in and kiss his head through his hair and appreciate his boyishness while I still could.

"Um mom, your shirt is scratchin' my face up. It kinda hurts. It was a nice hug though." Reluctantly, I let him go.

But I didn't want to--and I wish he didn't ever have to grow up.


Jennifer said...

Oh gosh, I know that feeling. I just want to hold mine and hold them and hold them. But they are not really into that.

Jennyandcompany said...

Boys are so sweet, I could hold on to mine forever too

Celi said...

*Sniff* I wish they didn't grow up so fast too!

Cindy said...

I also have two boys. One is 8 and in second grade. The other one is... *22*!!! Yes, I can agree that it goes by so fast. Remember that on the crappy days. lol

bugs mom said...

Oh my word - my daughter turns 7 in June. She is my oldest. I just can't comprehend having a 2nd grader, either! I know she was just 2 last week.