Friday, September 26, 2008

Gabrielle the Go Between

Big Kid: Gabrielle is dest a cheatah.
Ashley: She's a cheater? Why?
Big Kid: She dest kept sayin' ober and ober dat Miranda loves me.
Ashley: Oh yeah?
Big Kid: YEAH! And it was makin' Miranda all mad and she said she doesn't love me. So Gabrielle dest needs to stop cheatin'.
Ashley: Hmmm. Maybe Miranda told Gabrielle that she loves you.
Big Kid: No, mudder, she said she did not.
Ashley: Okay then.
Big Kid: And I dest went to find Miranda 'cuz I knew she was mad at Gabrielle and I dest saw her in da hallway and she holded my hand.
Ashley: Miranda held your hand?
Big Kid: No, holded, she was holding my hand.
Ashley: Oh...well it sounds like she does love you.
Big Kid: She can't love me, I dest love Ahsiya.
Ashley: You love Ahsiya?? I thought she was your friend.
Big Kid: She's my favowite fwiend because she doesn't get any warnings, like me.
Ashley: Okay, that's good. Ahsiya is a nice girl.
Big Kid: So Gabrielle dest needs to stop cheatin', I'm gonna tell her today.
Ashley: Actually, it would be fibbing or lying--not cheating.
Big Kid: Oh brudder, you're not listenin' at all. She's CHEATING by saying Miranda LOVES me and she DOESN'T. Hmmmph.
Ashley: Sorry. Hope it all works out.

Fascinating, huh? Who knew this shit started in kindy? Big Kid has decided he can't be friends with half of the class because they get warnings (totally unacceptable in his book) and he can't be friends with Juan because he chews with his mouth open. Poor Juan.

Ahsiya is a beautiful little girl from a very nice family (they were at the party). She has brown skin like Hudson, but Big Kid hasn't noticed or mentioned it. Hudson is the King of Warnings--safe to say Big Kid has washed his hands of him. He has high standards, that Big Kid.


Blanda Amania said...

I just love BK's high standards, and I certainly hope things work out with all his friends of the girl kind. Who knew Kinder would get so difficult? All I remember of it was that my teacher was Miss Catrell (spelling questionable), the joy of nap time, and trying desperately not to have potty accidents.

Anonymous said...

I work on the playground at recess. What I have learned over the years is that kindergartners are no different than 6th graders in their relationships. Except, they are smaller.

Former Fat Chick said...

My Mom used to call my youngest "united colors of bennetton" He had a very dark Jamaican GF, a light brown Puerto Rican GF, and a almost pink GF, viking blond with braids! This was all in the 1st grade!

because I said so said...

I also love BK's high standards and his thought he still wearing the Chicken Little glasses?

Maddness of Me said...

That's good stuff. Back in the day we played Cootie Kissers in Kindy. Or maybe that was just us Midwest weirdos.

Ami said...

Oh, yeah, Kindy is crazy! Those 5 and 6 year olds have more drama than the middle schoolers at the school I work at. Hope everything works out for him.

Unknown said...

The boy has himself some standards there. Cool. Very cool. He must be getting good examples set at home.

Melodie said...

Good for you that he doesn't want to be friends with the kids who get warnings. At least you know that when he wants to invite a friend from school over to play you won't have a hellion on your hands!