Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mini-Freaks & More

I KNOW I owe you all the pirate party post. I KNOW!! I feel so guilty about that, I was just thinking about it while driving Big Kid to school.

I'll put it on the short list.

Also, there's no interesting back story on my hater. We both market to moms and that's upsetting to her. I don't consider us direct competition at all but when I introduced myself to her and told her we could possibly help each other out, she practically yelled, "OH I DON'T THINK SO. OH NOO" and turned her back on me. It was bizarre. My more direct competition is so sugary, syrupy sweet to me that I feel guilty for even existing.

Also, I've got to get pictures of the mini-freaks for you all. Big Kid has decided he desperately wants glasses because they make him look serious. So he has found some lime green plastic frames that came with a chicken little outfit and he wears them everywhere. He assures me over and over again that the other kids won't be jealous (because that's our reason for not taking toys out of the house) and then asks over and over again if I think they are jealous and then he reassures me that they don't think anything of it because they just think he can't see.

He looks like A TOTAL FREAK. The adjectives nerd, geek, dork and dweeb don't begin to cover it.

little kid is a full time cowboy. He saw a man in a cowboy hat at a country diner we go to, and later saw a nice cowboy hat at Walmart that he begged for (Peez mum, PEEZ!!) and now he wears it EVERYWHERE and drags either his stick horse or his build a bear horse along with us.

The other day he wanted in on the glasses action, but we didn't have anymore glasses, so he found some of those disguise glasses with the nose and the eyebrows but the nose is missing, so they're just black frames with eyebrows. He wore them out to breakfast with his cowboy hat and with his lime green glasses brother.

Freaking weirdos. I have pictures on my Blackberry but can't figure out how to email them anywhere. It seems like it should be easy, but I don't know.

Anyhoo, I owe you stuff. I know it. It's on the list.


Anonymous said...

Thanks! The mental image of your glasses children will do to hold me over. I appreciate a little giggle early in the day.

Anonymous said...

Oh I can't wait for the pics...if you manage to get the glasses pics up, we might just forgive you on the lack of pirate pics!

Stephanie said...

I love when people let their kids go out in those things.

Seriously. It is so cute to see how kids dress themselves. Plus, really in the end, it just gives you more pictures to show their children one day...you know to encourage the payback.

Melodie said...

I can't wait to see those glasses pics of your boys! I can't picture it in my head, but I'm sure the actual photos will be even more hilarious!

Maddness of Me said...

When I was BK's age I wanted braces. Wanted them. WTH? I don't know. My teeth are perfectly straight.

I fashioned something from foil. What a total dork.

J said...

You must figure out how to post photos of your mini-freaks! They sound so funny!

Lynda Kay said...

I CAN picture it in my head & I am dying over here!! Forget the pirate party pics (I was there anyway hehe) & get the freakin weirdos pics up PLEASE!

Anonymous said...

Go to your Media gallery, pictures, my pictures, Select the picture you want (on my pearl I hit the bb key to the left of the "pearl" which is my selection key) scroll down to Send as an email, and send it to yourself. DONE. Say it--You love me.

MzLiz said...

Do not worry about having a weirdo! A child who is comfortable in his/her own skin is a true gift. They, and you, will be okay... enjoy their weirdness, celebrate it.

KaraktinsinFl said...

My daughter went thru that stage where she wanted to wear glasses. All because a friend of her's got real glasses. They sell them at places like Claires. Not prescription and with glass in them. : )
They actually looked really cute!
And now...the novelty has worn off!

Life, Love And Lola said...

Did the waitress die laughing or what???