Sunday, January 25, 2009

Big Kid Runs the Show

Big Kid is obsessed with having a YouTube channel. I reluctantly agreed to the possibility and he's been brainstorming ever since. Unfortunately (but not surprisingly), little kid broke Mr. Ashley's camera, so shooting is on hold until further notice.

Big Kid has some production concerns, mainly the quality of his opening song and our lack of a home studio. (seriously). He's not sure his theme song will sound good enough since he's just a kid and since I admittedly know nothing about producing music, much to his disappointment.

He does have some faith in my ability to create posters with his likeness. He thinks I can do this with my camera and some ink and paper, although we will have to find some lockers he can pose in front of. We'll also have to go to Wal-mart to pick up color ink, because they can't be in black and white. (seriously. I told you he's thought this out.)

A few minutes ago he approached me and said, clearly annoyed, "Why din't you have a studio, like, built onto our house when you built it?"

"A studio? Like for my photography?"

"No, a studio for my show!" he said, frustrated with my inability to keep up. "You shoulda had a studio in our house. For me."

"Sorry. A studio would have been nice. When we do your show I'll set you up a temporary studio, how about that?"

"What will we do 'bout a door?"

"A door?"

"A DOOR, MOM. A STUDIO DOOR.," exasperated.

"There will be no door. I'm sorry, Big Kid, to have failed you in this way. I did a terrible job having the house built and I apologize that I didn't have the foresight to include a studio with a door for my Internet celebrity son. The best I can do is rig up some sort of back drop for you, help you shoot, upload and promote your show and create your posters for you."

"Yeah, a background isn't da same as a studio. Not at all."


my3grcs said...

He always seems to think of EVERYTHING!! I love it! I bet it can get on your nerves at times though.

Jennifer said...

I wish I was as focused as Big Kid.

Piece o' Coconut Cake said...

All I can say is, Barack better be watchin' his back because i know someone that will be ready to take his place in 4 years...

Melodie said...

Don't build him the studio! You'll NEVER get rid of him then. Tell him when he moves into his own place, he can have his own studio.

Chicapicante said...

lol. oh ashley. reading your big kid antics makes me (almost) want to have a kid of my very own. simply for the purpose of providing me with endless blogging material. he's gonna grow up to be the "cool kid". just you watch...

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Hilarious!! You have the best kid stories!