Friday, January 30, 2009

Doing It

I went to the library AND the post office today.

I know that's not fascinating reading material (Anonymouses, start drafting your hate mail) but only you all know the full extent of my craziness and the pain those two things cause me. Especially with my medicine messed up and me being slightly crazier than usual, I have been DREADING getting these two things done and have put it off all week long. Having the mail man take that package out of my hands was an enormous weight off of my shoulders.

Now if I manage to call my doctor and get the medicine issue straightened out, we'll have a trifecta. I'm not really feeling optimistic about it. Sometimes the front desk lady gets a little pissy when I ask for the doctor's voice mail and I don't want to deal with her.

So, let's concentrate instead on the two great things I DID accomplish, and I'll work on rounding it out by the end of the day.

edited to add: TRIFECTA!! Oh yeah!


Melodie said...

How long have you been ODing? If it's been a while, you may have some nasty withdrawal symptoms. I slowly came off of my Effexor XR when I found out I was preggo, and it was not the most pleasant experience of my life.

Good luck!

Renee said...

Good job! I am very, VERY impressed. I had the opposite day - didn't accomplish one single thing. The kids had popcorn for lunch.

-The Renee

Paige said...

Good work--three things in one day is HUGE

Jacquie said...

congrats on getting all three done! Color me very impressed! whats the color of impressed... pink, blue , green. huh whatever! I am SOO happy to have found your blog and can't wait to read more!