Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Big Kid the Violinist

Today was Big Kid's first violin lesson.

His teacher is a young, pretty violinist with the Philharmonic and Big Kid was impressed the moment he laid eyes on her. His mouth was on overdrive, sharing his musical history, what he's seen at the Phil, his experience from music class, how he knew the bow was made of horsehair, his thoughts on the violin store carrying cellos which are not violins, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. I'm going to have to email her and tell her to feel free to cut him off when his brain starts to bleed out like that, especially since we're paying her by the hour.

I could tell she was delighted and greatly amused. Big Kid was serious and attentive when she spoke, and was super eager to get it all right.

Then we met my mom for lunch, where little kid climbed under the table and tried to peel off old gum to eat, but other than that, it was fun.

I'll be back later with an awesome product review. I got suckered into doing photography again and it went really well, but as usual I'm waiting until the last second to get it finished and now I have photos I must upload.

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Julie H said...

I bet he will be great at the violin, he's a smartie!