Thursday, June 18, 2009

The next morning

They are fighting. Big Kid is exhausted and a total tyrant. He just told her off for being so bossy, mostly because she refused to draw a rain forest exactly as instructed. She knows nothing about rain forests, he KNOWS about rain forests. I will transcribe his tirade as I'm hearing it, right this very second:

I have a good memory!
Movies I bemember!
Pictures I bemember!
Days I bemember!
Rain Forests I bemember!
I know dese fings. I've seen dem drawn, and when I see dese fings, they aren't drawn like you draw dem. I've watched movies a long time, a lot of movies about rain forests and I bemember all of dem. Now stop being bossy, do it da way I want, or I won't draw wif you so make da toice--draw wif you or not draw wif you? If you make more fings happen, I'll get more frustrated.

I just had to stop typing to get Big Kid's butt back in line. The tirade reminded me of that Christian Bale tantrum that went viral--seriously, Big Kid was ranting like a lunatic. Poor Em. He just complimented the rainbow she drew and all seems well again.

They were playing great together, but Big Kid went to bed near 11:00 p.m. (never happens) and ended up in my bed around 1:00 a.m. He was obviously having bad dreams all night because he kept saying weird shit. At one point he sat upright and yelled, "What in tarnation? Why are you listenin' to her?!?"

It was like being in bed with an epileptic Yosemite Sam, I spent all night rescuing him from straight up flops out of our king sized bed with his head and feet occasionally crashing into my stomach, pubic bone, or head and had to wake him up continuously to tell him he was dreaming and to please chill out.

When Em and little kid ran into the room at 7:30 a.m., Big Kid and I were both like zombies.

She seems to have forgiven his outburst though, and he's moved on from his frustrations with her artistic ability. The two of them together are excellent entertainment for little kid, so most of the annoyingness that would come with having another kid over gets canceled out there.


Tracey said...

It sounds like it could be a long day. I vote you put all three of them by the poop throwers fence, and give them flutes or recorders or something.

Jennifer said...

Man, Big Kid sounds like me at the office. The other day I got on to my assistant for not stapling the papers correctly.

And, sadly, no... I'm not joking.

Lin said...

I love how kids can argue one minute & then go back to playing like nothing ever happened. Sounds like you had one eventful night...

p jane said...

It was like being in bed with an epileptic Yosemite Sam

OMG, that made me snort out loud!

Life, Love And Lola said...

Epileptic Yosemite Sam... LMAO...Spit my coffee...Where do you come up with this shit??

Piece o' Coconut Cake said...

If it's any consolation, the Peanut is an only child and she STILL gets in arguments with her invisible friends. So here I am, listening to her yell at Sipis and Kakus (don't ask because I don't know where she came up with those names either).