Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Summer of Fun 2009

Summer of Fun 2009 is going good.

I mean, there's been biting and hitting and crying and fighting, but there was no real reason to think any of that would stop just because it was summer.

We had our family kick off party last night. little kid was really worried that I'd invite the lawn people. "Da lawn men not come to da party. Right, mumum? Dey not comin?" he asked about 6 different times. I don't know what he's got against the lawn guys all of a sudden, but I promised him that they wouldn't be there.

We had balloons (helium and those long squiggly ones that are fun to sword fight with) and made cupcakes. Big Kid walked in and saw the balloons and the easel by the front door that I wrote "Happy Summer of Fun 2009 Kick Off Party" on and smiled and said, "Awww, mom! It is so sweet! It is all so nice!"

Baking cupcakes went about as well as I thought. They outvoted me on flavor and demanded chocolate with chocolate frosting. little kid was trying to eat dry mix, oil, eggs, batter, etc. Big Kid was quickly evaluating the tasks and making sure he got chosen for the good ones:

"Three eggs? Let's do an A-B-A pattern when it's time to crack da eggs, okay mom? I'll go first, since I'm oldest and tallest, and den little kid and den me. Okay?"

little kid just could not wait to crack his egg, so for everyone's safety I decided he should just go first. Big Kid quickly realized the implications of the change in order. "Mom, I'm finkin' we should do an A-B-B pattern now for da eggs. I said A-B-A before, but I was meanin' A-B-B, like little kid could go since he's little and den I'd go two times."

little kid could not keep his fingers away from the bowl and Big Kid would scream, "He's eating it!! Oh no! You're gonna die! He's gonna die! I can't believe dis, I can't believe you're gonna get sick!"

"He won't die, Big Kid, he'll probably just puke."

"You're gonna puke! Is dat what you want? Is dat what you want for yourself, little kid? I can't watch him puke."

Then later, as little kid approached the closed oven door to try to peek through the window, I heard, "RUN LITTLE KID!! IT'S HOT! You're gonna catch on fire! You're gonna catch on fire! RUN!!" (little kid didn't run, or even look worried)

They were some happy cupcake-eating boys though. And the cupcakes were good.

This morning they have been painting and that's been a mess. They have already had a bath, and are messy again. We are transforming the playroom closet into a start engraving my mother of the year trophy now.


miss. chief said...

you know what? normally i'm kind of down on mommy bloggers, but yours is so well written and funny i can't stop reading.

Judy said...

LOL! Big kid cracks me up!

p jane said...

YAY for a rocketship/closet! While it may seem a total PITA now, never underestimate the power of a "magic rocket", secret clubhouse or fort. Hubby opened up the camper last weekend to air it out and it became THE place for the kids to hang out. Boombox, fan and Legos were all they needed to leave me alone the whole day. AWESOME.
Here's hoping your rocketship is such a success ;)

Jennifer said...

It's so nice that Big Kid looks after Little Kid. ;)

Life, Love And Lola said...

BK is too funny! First lk is gonna die...then get sick...then puke...then catch on fire. Way to watch out for lk!!

jennyandcompany said...

i'm impressed! you're making me feel bad though - my idea of getting it together this summer was putting the boys on a chore schedule :-P

Mr. Matt said...

I am going to agree, Big Kid is hilarious. I like the way you write how he talks, adds more to the whole picture! First comment and all, but I enjoy your blog a whole lot. Very entertaining. I am the father of an 11-month old baby boy. Your blog gives me hope for crazy, hilarious times (even if stressful)in the future.

Julie H said...

I don't know anyone that has died from licking the beaters yet so we still do it here ;)

Renee said...

I love this! We've kicked off our Summer of Fun as well - we arrived in Virginia on Monday afternoon and we have lots of fun stuff planned for this summer. Next week we're going to Boston to visit Tony's aunt (I'll see Amy while we're up there too). Should be fun! I hope to catch you on chat soon.

Love ya,
The Renee