Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hobos and Heroes

Out of nowhere, Big Kid just walked up to me and said, "You know, if you find someone you don't know sleepin' in your house, it's probably a HOBO."

When he said "hobo" he got up in my face too. I have no idea where he's learning about hobos.

In unrelated news, I suggested to little kid that he could be a super hero for Halloween (he's majorly into super heroes) and he said, "No shoe-er. I be shoe-er."

"What? A Shoer? What's he saying, Big Kid?"

"I fink he said 'store'. Did you say store? Maybe he wants to be a store man."

"Shooooer, Shoooooer, mumum."

"I have no idea what you're say--wait, shooter? Are you saying shooter??"

"Yes! I be shooer! Pow! Pow! Pow" he replied, with a big smile.

I told him no way and now he's all mad and crying and whining about it.

Also, any time I tell him he can start t-ball when he's three, he tells me "Hockey".


Big Kid said he learned this from Franklin. My mom pointed out that he didn't know how to ice skate and he insists that he does know and that he wants to do hockey when he's three.

I haven't told him yet, but that's not happening either.


Bren said...

Hobos - that is so funny! Where did he hear that word? Back when I was little - when you didn't have a good Halloween costume, you put on your oldest ripped clothes and put a bandana on a stick and were a Hobo. Maybe little kid can be that for Halloween!

Jamie said...

Does Big Kid watch iCarly? There was a hobo in their hotel room on Saturday nights episode... the one where they go to CA to stop some TV show from stealing their material and find a froze head in the basement?

Julie H said...

Maybe he could be a cowboy?

Life, Love And Lola said...


Jennifer said...

It is a really good thing you have BK to translate. One of two isn't bad. LOL

Former Fat Chick said...

dress little kid as a bad ass HOBO for Halloween. I'm so obsessed with little kid. I heard I was a puff on the map, but it so so small I can;t even find it.

Unknown said...

Can you imagine dressing your kid as a homeless person for Halloween? A "will work for food" sign, some dirty clothes and cheeks, a battered back pack. It would be so un-pc, but hobo used to be a perfectly acceptable costume.

little kid looks like a hobo on most days, so this would be pretty easy to pull off.

Jamie, it must have been from iCarly, that makes sense. We're big fans here.

Unknown said...

ICarly has Hobos and talks about Hobos all the time.

dannibanani said...

One of my cutest pics as a kid is my hobo costume... dirty cheeks and painted on freckles... plaid shirt and hanky on a stick. It was seriously cute

Maddness of Me said...

Oh come on, he can move to Detroit and become a Red Wing!!!

Anonymous said...

Dude. 2029 Stanley Cup championship: LK leads Detroit to victory!