Monday, June 1, 2009

Links 4 U

I have some new internetz for you all:

HassleMe: An email service that will harass you into doing stuff by sending you emails at semi-unpredictable intervals.

Cookie Cake Pie: It's a recipe for a pie that's a cookie and a cake. Hell yeah that sounds good. I think.

My latest desktop background: a reminder to stay cool.

Bomomo: Big Kid and I loooooooove Bomomo. Everything I create is ugly as hell, but it's a relaxing distraction.

FutureMe: Write your future self an email. I wrote myself in a year from now.

Easy pancake recipe: Sounds good.

little kid is asleep on one of my arms, so this post just got shorter.

**links fixed, i hope.


~M~ said...

Great links! I like your desktop background!

KJG said...

Just tried Bomomo while Mr. Favorite is playing Guitar Hero - providing some pretty appropriate background music to that funky site. What a fun way to waste time. Thanks for sharing these little gems.

Teresa said...

I saw the cookie pie the other day... how about you give it a go and let us know how it turns out. haha

I'm pretty on the fence with that one!

Life, Love And Lola said...! I'm so going to use this! Thanks for sharing!

Ceci Virtue said...

oh my god! That future me site!
Story time!

So JuggleJane and I recently escorted a friend to Paris for her 40th birthday. On the day of her birthday as we walked the streets of Paris, our friend got an email message (she has an iPhone) and unbeknownst to us she had stopped, read it and started crying. JJ noticed we had left her behind, quickly went over and asked her what was wrong and hugged her. 5 years earlier she had sent herself an email using this site hoping that she was surrounded by people she loved and hoping that she loved herself, believed in herself and was working towards the positive. JJ was quick to point out that we loved her and so... her past-me shouldn't worry.

Kinda makes you wanna cry, doesn't it?