Monday, June 8, 2009

The Cup Nazi

Every night the boys brush their teeth together with Big Kid supervising. Every night little kid comes running into the family room screaming "Bubby won't gib me cup!" and every night Big Kid comes running out behind him yelling that little kid only sucked his toothpaste off of his brush and since he didn't do a proper job brushing, he is undeserving of a cup.

We've tried to tell Big Kid that he's not Lord of the Cups and if little kid isn't doing well with his night time brushing, it's not his problem, and we've also tried to convince little kid to brush his teeth properly so that he'll earn a cup, but it continues to be a nightly occurrence.

It's almost like we need a new Tooth Brushing Supervisor.

Looking forward to bed time.


Bren said...

Ha ha - so when does the "sucking of the toothpaste" ever actually stop?

Anonymous said...

I hope you brush little kid's teeth too. You know he's too young to do it himself, right? Big Kid can be the cup nazi, I'll be the toothbrushing nazi.

katie b said...

Have you ever considered giving them each their own cup? ;)

Unknown said...

Thanks toothbrushing nazi, but we've got it under control. We help him in the mornings, he does it in the evenings. Their dentist has complimented us on their very-clean teeth, and the hygienist couldn't believe Big Kid does his all by himself. Thanks for caring though. k?thxbai

Katie B, it's those paper Dixie cups they are so crazy about. I think the novelty is getting a new cup each time. Those little paper cups revolutionized teeth brushing around here.

Anonymous said...

my kids loooooooooove those #$()$_$%*&$%)($& dixie cups, too. How funny. Maybe it's the novelty of it or just "MY cup". I can't stand them (dixie cups). But, hey....whatever makes them happy I guess. My little one just sucks the toothpaste off, too. It's hilarious. :)

katie b said...

Ohhh - well, those little paper cups are fun!

I'm starting to think that when Little Kid gets a little bigger, he's so going to intentionally torture Big Kid.

Julie H said...

Aren't kids FUN ;o) My oldest thinks she is the boss of everyone including me half the time.