Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Assignment Completed

So, Big Kid and I just finished his assignment. He did a great job. The picture he drew is a little strange because it's him and Obama picking up trash and he used a brown crayon for Obama, with a beige crayon for Obama's arms and hands. I wanted to ask him about it but didn't because he was proud of what he had drawn, but I'm going to have to find a way to subtly point out that people's arms generally match the rest of their skin. I'm also thinking of putting a "Sorry your arms are white, kids are weird," note in with it.

While Big Kid was drawing, little kid ran around frantically looking for jeans, his Hog's Breath saloon t-shirt, his baseball cap and cowboy boots. He got dressed and paced back and forth, asking me if he looked good. I said yes and asked what the occasion was, and he said, "I'm 'cited President Obama's comin' over. I got to look good." He was disappointed to hear the president wasn't stopping by but he was happy to get additional confirmation that he really did look good.

Big Kid's note says, "Dear President Obama, I can help you make America a better place by being green, throwing away trash and saving water. Your Friend, Big Kid, first grade." His original transcription was longer, but once he had to rewrite it himself, he began liberally editing it down.

He hasn't shown any signs of brainwashing since seeing the speech or answering the question, but he is excited to put his package in the mailbox and he thinks the prez will be impressed with his handwriting.


Meghan said...

Hi Ashley,

I want you to know that I know that you are not a nutter. Obviously the majority of Americans aren't nutters as they didn't vote George in for a second term and they did vote for Obama against McCain>

It just floors me when I contiously read right wing, fundamentalist blogs coming from your fair land. One blogging community is arguing about Evolution vs Creationism, is Halloween Satanic, while stating that yoga is worshipping Hindu gods so you will burn for your asanas!

I have many American friends who agree this is weird as well. So I want to know. How have these right wing nut jobs become so loud?


Hope I haven't offended anyone.

Caren said...

Just great Ashley. Now you did it. Before you know it, Big Kid is going to be channeling Karl Marx and/or wanting to commit mass genocide. You really shouldn't have let him watch that. Don't say I didn't warn you. ;)

Shannon said...

PLEASE tell me you scanned the picture he drew so you can post it for us to see!!! Pretty please!!!

Unknown said...

Okay. HUAC for you, lady. (House Unamerican Activities Committee) As soon as we can clone Joe McCarthy. I hope he doesn't turn out to have three eyes like the last one.

Allison said...

I'd love to see Big Kid's picture for Obama. Can/will you post it? Pretty Please?

Jennifer said...

Man. No brainwashing? But I was so looking forward to the brainwashed kids going home and brainwashing their parents over dinner. I guess I just have to wait until the next speech.

Unknown said...

Okay, okay, I'll hook up the scanner tomorrow before sending it off. I kind of want a copy too.

Lin said...

Ha ha, what do you mean your appendages & head have to be the same color? That's so adorable & I think it's great that you had Big Kid do this!

Amy said...

I love this assignment that you did with Big Kid. And it sounds like little kid really did look good.

I don't know what to make of the crazy right wing nutters either. We just try to ignore them and hope they'll come to their senses, but they just seem to get worse and worse. I was raised by a couple of them and am thankful I grew up with more sense.

Amy from PA

Anonymous said...

I'll have you know that the skin on my head is darker than my arms! Are you saying I'm some sort of freak of nature? I don't always wear short sleeves outside so my arms aren't as tan... :P

Anonymous said...

I was hoping that The Boy would come home brainwashed and ready to do chores. No. Such. Luck. Damn that President!!!

Doodles said...

It's so sad that the nutters are getting so much of the press and what not... I mean seriously he wouldn't be in office if he didn't win and how in the world is he gonna fix the national debt and the resession (which we knew was comming before he got elected) with in a Year!!! I am all for it if he can make it happen but Really!!! Somethings just can't be done in under a Year.