Wednesday, September 23, 2009

School Rocks

Today Big Kid came home with a thank you note for the necklace. I asked if she had worn it that day and he said, "Yeah, and you know what?"


"She was wearin' a pink shirt wif a silver heart on it and a really cute skirt, and I fink she wore dat outfit on purpose to match da necklace, but she said she didn't. But I kinda fink she was lyin' because I gave her a cute pink and silver necklace and she wore a cute pink and silver outfit, you know?"

"Yeah. Who knows? Maybe you just picked out a really great necklace that goes with a lot of her outfits."

I think she probably did pick out the perfect outfit on purpose though.

Speaking of school, it's fundraiser time for the PTA and guess what? They decided that since everyone hates buying $8 wrapping paper and $13 cookie dough, and then trying to market this crap to our friends, coworkers and neighbors, that we should all just donate $20 or more per student, if possible.

Hell to the motherfucking yeah that's possible. How awesome does this PTA sound? It makes me want to give more than I would have ended up purchasing, just because I am so grateful that they acknowledge that fundraising is a pain in the ass for all and sucks to do. Yes, I will chip in for the family picnic and the Thanksgiving banquet and field trips or whatever. No, I don't want to have my kid use guilt to solicit our loved ones for the money.

Big Kid told me today that you can't have the word "community" without "unity" and learned in music class that the vibrations from the strings of a violin travel throughout the instrument to create the sound. So they do seem to be learning cool stuff, it's just not as traditional or boot-camp style as as far as pace goes. I'm thinking since the teachers and class stay together for 2 years at a time, maybe they don't feel as rushed in how they teach? I also appreciate the good citizen, community-oriented, be friends and love one another lessons. The world could use more than that.

(says she who is still engaged in a passive-aggressive battle with the poop-bomb throwing neighbors...)


A. said...

We do the "Invest in a Child" thing at our school, too. We raise a lot more money than "fundraisers" where you sell something. Our average donation this year is $100, people really like giving to something where there is no crappy product and no overhead.

I like the idea of looping (2 successive grades with the same teacher); I wish our school offered it.

Jennifer said...

And I thnk her mother must have been really impressed to help her plan such a perfect outfit. That is so sweet.

Maddnessofme said...


I got totally ripped off and he is going to make some girl very happy some day.

Yes, I capped that shit.

Jess said...

I'm jealous of his school. Sounds like a great place.

Preppy Pettit said...

What a sweet boy!!! You are a very lucky Mama!

p jane said...

Yay for your PTA!!!!!! Ours had a regime change and thank the heavens we're back to spell-a-thon fundraisers this year. Sponser per word or give a flat amount, but No. More. Crap. (or magazines!) Most people I know would far rather just GIVE and know all the money goes to the cause.

kristin said...

Our school did the same last year and it was an overwhelming success. We still have the fun events that aren't actual fund raisers (bingo night, etc), but no garbage to sell. And like someone said above....most people give a little more than they would have purchased! Now if only scouts would offer the same thing!