Monday, September 28, 2009


Blue Hole in Belize
Make music with YouTube
Red and green apple
American Gothic subjects next to portrait
Grand Prismatic Spring at Yellowstone
Tahitian Pearl Farm
Happy guy
Strategy meeting (Dilbert)
Gays can quote the Bible too
This is my apple


Britt said...

I sent two of your links on to four different folks. Thanks for doing all the tough research ;)

Caren said...

Good stuff Ashley. I like the "we can quote the bible too" one the best.

Hope you had a happy birthday yesterday. It was my husband's b-day too so I was too busy making him a gourmet dinner to comment.

ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Nikky said...

The blue hole thing is amazing.

I also love the "we can quote the Bible too" thing. But it may be a little early in the day to get myself all riled up to debate mode *scanning the comments*.

Unknown said...

I love the gay quote too and I don't think it's ever too early for some debate.

I've always wondered with the "protecting the sanctity of marriage" argument, shouldn't people who commit infidelity lose their right to another marriage? What about people who have kids outside of marriage? What about those who have divorced? Aren't those people threatening the "sanctity of marriage" (whatever the fuck that even means)?

Or does God not care as long as one person has a penis and the other has a vagina?

I don't think Jesus would have cared but what do I know?

Unknown said...

That Gay quote? The mindset behind that quote from the Old Testament is the same mindset that pervades the Middle East to this day. It puts the onus on the woman. But what about the man? What happens to the man who takes a woman's virginity outside of marriage? What penalty does he pay? Will his family kill him - as they will a woman in many parts of the Middle East? Is it all about honor - the family's honor - when it's the man in question? And when are the women of the Middle East going to rise up and put a stop to all of this?

Unknown said...

I've had the same question, LceeL, you think there would be some shame on the man's part if he would do something so terrible with a woman that she would get stoned to death for it.

Unfortunately reason and religion don't always mix.

Amy said...

Loved these posts! I sent two to my daughter, and I'm very selective about what I send her because my mother sends us EVERY FUCKING THING SHE GETS! So I have to have a very good reason to forward a link.