Monday, September 21, 2009

Just Why

I just caught little kid with a pair of scissors and a fruit roll-up. (This would've been his 3rd fruit roll-up today, had he been successful.)

"What are you doing? Why do you have scissors and a fruit roll-up?"

"Iz an axident, mumum."

"An accident? So you accidentally drug a chair from the table to the pantry, got a box of fruit roll-ups off of the top shelf, took one out, dragged the chair to another counter and got the scissors out of a cabinet and you were starting to cut the top off of the fruit roll-up with the scissors--accidentally?"

"Um, yes. Was just a axident, don't be mad."

"Why do you do stuff like this??"

"Just why."

That's the answer for everything he doesn't want to answer. Just why. How great would it be to be able to pull that off as an adult?

"Is there a reason you were you going 65 in a 45 mph zone, ma'am?"

"Just why."

I just had to interrupt my typing to chase him through the house and tackle him because he had a can of Diet Dr. Pepper and a screw driver, just why. It's been a really long day so far today.


Lin said...

lol, I love fruit rollups!

Jennifer said...

I'm just glad to know that my kids aren't the only ones pulling stunts like this. Last night Baby Girl dumped water on her little brother's head in the bath after I told her not too and her knowing that he hates that. I asked why and she replied, "because I wanted to." She got a spanking afterwards for not listening and downright disobeying. Something we rarely do, but we had both (the parents) reached our limit for the day.

Former Fat Chick said...

I would buy the largest dog kennel I could find (like for a great dane or mastiff) and paint it fun colors, put a rug in it and lure him in...just might even be able to take a NAP!

Jenna & Jordan's Mommy said...

Oh my gosh...your kids are great...It's always refreshing to read about your adventures. Truly makes me feel "normal" What is it with kids and scissors?? :-)

Katie said...

Ive been reading and catching up on your blog for a while. Both of your kids are hilarious. I'm sure you can reach your limit really fast with all the antics..but to me as a first time parent of a 16 month old, it sure helps me prepare for what I am in store for. Not to mention the shit is funny.

Haute Mama said...

I have to laugh at his "just why" answers. When we ask my (almost) three-year-old son why he did something his standard answer is, "because I did it." Simple yet true. And yes, it drives me crazy!

miss. chief said...

a screwdriver?!

Melodie said...

Katie has taken to blaming her sisters for everything, even when they aren't even home. And when you ask her why she does things, she'll start making up words for the reason.