Saturday, September 12, 2009

Maybe Names

My hedgehog should be here around 4ish. I am anxiously waiting. These are the names on my maybe list right now:












I was considering Atlas but it doesn't have any cute nicknames associated with it really (Reggie the Hedgie? Freaking cute). Also, I hold out hope that if I ever have a 3rd boy I could at least use Atlas as a bargaining chip in the name game. Like if there was a name I liked and Mr. Ashley didn't, I could say, "How about 'nameAshleylikes' or Atlas?" and he'd agree to whatever name I listed first because he thinks Atlas is ridiculous (and it kind of is, but if I ever end up married to Matthew McConaughey or David Beckham or a celebrity where you can get away with a name like that, I'm using it. Atlas Clooney sounds pretty good.)


Jess said...

Todd just seems to work for a hedgehog, but I don't know why. I like it.

Unknown said...

You could always call him "Jackass". Or Johnny Knoxville.

Maggie said...

Reggie the hedgie? Love it!

Shannon said...

I like Reggie!

Anonymous said...

I like Reggie too, and not only for the rhyming factor. Quincy is also cute.

Kelley said...

You gotta go with Reggie!!!!

Amy said...

I really did like the suggestion "Lil Prick" by Jen, but whatever - Quincy is really cute too if you have to go the whole "child-friendly" way. Good luck with your new addition!

Amy said...

BTW - Alas Clooney definitely has a nice ring to it. My son is still pissed that I didn't name him Jet "at least for a middle name", he says.

Jennifer said...

Please not Stuart. A little to Stuart Little. What if it starts talking and wants to wear clothes and shit? That's just too weird.