Sunday, September 27, 2009

Store Manager

I had to return Big Kid's rented violin on Friday. No big deal because a replacement is on the way, but it is a big deal to Big Kid because he wants everything to be EXACTLY THE SAME. Even if I could buy an identical violin, it wouldn't make him feel better because it wouldn't be THAT violin.

I took it back when he was at school to spare myself the drama, and when he figured it out after getting home, he started crying. Then he was furious.

"You need to go back dere and buy my violin! My exact same one, go back and get it!"

"I can't buy it, babe. It was a rental. That means you pay to borrow it. That's why your new one will be better--you won't have to give it back. Your old one is not for sale."

He got an intense look on his face and was vibrating with anger and said, "I'm gonna invent a machine and blow up dat shop!"

"Wh-WHAT?!? Are you kidding me? You can't say stuff like that! You would never commit violence against a person or place, Big Kid. Never!"

"Well, renting stuff is a dumb idea. What a dumb idea for a shop."

Thank God he's the self-appointed safety patrol, or I could see him becoming some sort of crazy shooter because Lord have mercy when he feels scorned. He won't even play with imaginary guns though, so we're probably safe.

Several hours later, he said, "Mom? You know what I'm gonna be when I grow up?"


"A store manager."


"Yep. I'm gonna manage a store and my store will RENT STUFF. I'll make everybody give da stuff back 'cuz it'll be rented. Ha!" he declared, with some odd sense of vengeance.

So, violin lessons have led to aspirations of managing a rental store. That's not what I meant to happen.


Anonymous said...

I guess he told you.

Susan in Texas

Renee said...

He really is so very weird. Weird in a wonderful, adorable, funny, quirky, endearing way. Truly One of a Kind.

-The Renee

Jennifer said...

We all need a dream.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I am laughing loudly- hilarious! I love the leap from classical music to vindictive store manager!