Friday, September 11, 2009

Future Jackass

little kid just asked me to get a charger for his motorcycle ride-on and to find him a dirt hill. When I asked about the dirt hill, he said, "I'm gonna do dat!" and pointed to the television, which had turned itself to Nitro Circus on MTV and was featuring a bunch of dumb asses riding and wrecking motorcycles off of a steep hill.

"You cannot watch this! You cannot do that! You're a baby!"

"I'm a baby on a motorcycle 'n I'm gonna crash it. Yeah! Yeah, baby! Break stuff!"

I'd say he saw about 20 minutes of this show (yeah, I wasn't paying good attention) and I'm guessing the damage was irreversible.


Beck said...

I can completely relate! My husband loves that lame show and was watching it last night. Our 3 year old was playing on the floor and became glued to the TV and watched the idiots ride tricycles off a jump. He was super excited and wanted to go outside to "try dat!" Lovely! Husband FAIL! Ugh.

Jennifer said...

David can't wait to buy the kids dirt bikes so they can go riding together. I keep saying over my dead body, but I'm pretty sure it is a losing battle. Maybe I can fake a heart attack.

Nikky said...

My brother went through that phase, must be a boy thing. He decided to ride his bike off the neighbors shed roof. Broke his nose. I thought he was faking (he was laying face-down in the grass ignoring me) and figured my sisterly duty was to call him out by throwing rocks at him.

Yea. Childhood was interesting, what with the injuries and pig's heads.

Amy said...

Actually, Nikki, not just a boy thing. My sister got her first motorcycle when she was four and road motocross until she was 17. I don't think my parents could have said or done anything to change her mind - motorcycles were her passion. Good luck reining little kid in!