Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Going to the Movies

I think movie studios are producing everything in 3D right now because they're beginning to realize we no longer want to pay $50+ dollars to sit in an uncomfortable seat and listen to the pig next to us crunch their popcorn if we can get the same movie from Redbox or Netflix in a couple of months at a minimal cost with no annoying strangers to view it with.

So by making movies 3D, they're trying to throw in some added value or an actual reason you should really see it on the big screen. Then they charge you extra because of the 3D glasses and then they have the nerve to ask for the glasses back.

I really, really, really want to see Inglorious Basterds (or however the hell it's incorrectly spelled) in a theater but it just seems insane to pay so much when I know I'm going to want to beat a stranger over the head with their cell phone before it's over. I get irritable. The movie is not 3D or anything, so the only benefit to seeing it at the theater is the drama of the oversized screen and the sound system, I guess.

I'll probably just wait until it comes out on DVD and sit closer to my own television with the volume up loud.


Kama said...

Do they have a cheap theater near you? We have the $3 theater that plays movies that aren't in the new theaters anymore, but the movie isn't out on DVD yet. The theaters are rarely full and I can get a decent seat well away from irritating food smackers and whisperers and still get the theater experience for cheap. Might be worth looking into.

Lin said...

Ugh, I know exactly what you mean. I hate going to the movies & having people talk throughout it. I really didnt pay $12.50 to sit & listen about how crap your day was or listen to your commentary throughout the movie.

These reasons (along with SO many others) have stopped me from going to the movies. Sucks.

Megan said...

The only perk would be getting to see Brad's beautiful face in perfect detail :)

Holly said...

I feel ya- There are very few movies I have the inclination to give over a paycheck at the theater for... unless Johnny Depp is in it. BTW, I keep the glasses too!

Samma said...

They are expensive, but Inglourious Basterds (sp?) is awesome. Go see it- this is one of those that seeing it in the theater makes the action better.

Anonymous said...

Try going on a Tuesday night, in my experience, it's pretty slow and the theaters are mostly empty.

Also, the theater near me (Loews) has $5 movies before noon every day, I've been several times and there have only been a couple of other people in the theater.

Unknown said...

Almost everything involving Quentin Tarantino is worth seeing on the big screen. Close ups of Brad Pitt are a plus too.

I think we do have a budget theater but it's on the other side of town and I think it's like the Walmart of movie theaters, increasing the likelihood of me getting pissy at someone.

I deserve to see one grownup movie a year in a theater, right? Maybe Mr. Ashley and I could ditch the kids and catch a matinee, they're a couple of dollars cheaper.

Stereos and Souffles said...

Good news! The television manufacturers have been working on
3D available in the home sets for the past couple of years. The prototypes I've seen have been sporting events, but they look pretty good. They'll be on the market soon, video games have really given the manufacturer's the push to do it.