Friday, August 24, 2007

Dear little kid,

One year ago today I gazed upon your sweet newborn face, with your peaches and cream complexion and the velvety fuzz of your golden hair, and fell in love at first sight.

And to be loved by you. You love me adoringly, passionately, and persistently. You need me. You demand my love and attention and reward me with grins of pure happiness and a twinkle in your eye that enchants me. I love you, and I love being loved by you.

You have always been so snuggly, plump and warm on my lap, your head on my chest, content to nurse and gaze into my eyes. You are happiest in your sling, cuddled onto my front like a baby koala, observing the world while still hearing my heartbeat. You are my anchor to the world, forcing me to slow down and play with you, making me aware of time rushing by as I watch you grow.

You love people and they are universally delighted by your attention. If somehow they have failed to notice your sparkling presence, you wave them down with smiles, giggles and coos and melt their hearts for a moment. You are adorable and charming and impossible to ignore.

You are your own person and I look forward to watching you evolve into Yourself. I am wistful about the loss of your infancy, this sweet, chubby, cuddly time, but excited to know you more and to love you more and to watch you develop into the amazing person that you’re going to be.

However, in my heart and in my mind you will always be my baby.

I like you, I love you and I’ll always protect you.

Yours Forever,
P.S. Don't you worry baby, these nice ladies are going to vote for you shamelessly, relentlessly and creatively (Vote here for entrant #47860). You will have one of those prints in your room and we will post a picture of it!


Deb said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet.

Renee said...

Happy Birthday, Little Kid! This is so sweet, Ashley.

Misty said...

Happy Birthday!! I voted....I hope yall win!!

Cake said...

Aww, that gave me chills! He is absolutely adorable! Happy Birthday!

Ms. Skywalker said...

Happy Birthday!

I voted shamelessly as my gift to you.

Lynda Kay said...

Wow! Was it a whole year ago when I met that sweet little guy for the first time? I miss that little bitty baby.. and that's gotta be the cutest hospital photo i've ever seen..he's had that cute little grin since day one, huh? Happy Birthday little kid, Aunt LK loves you!

jennifer said...

aw, so sweet! Happy Birthday LK!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Little Kid..

You need to print that and out it in his baby book (if he has one.. my kid does not, I'm an awful Mom)
Anywho.. that was ridiculously sweet and gave me chills, a little.

Mom of 5 said...

Happy Birthday Little Kid!