Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Rock Star Reality

So last night I stayed up way too late watching "The Rock Life" on VH1. It features the band Whitestarr, whose lead singer is Cisco Adler, best known for his absolutely hideous ridiculous looking junk and for being Mischa Barton's ex.

Although not one of these guys is attractive, there is something kind of sexy about the group as a whole. Not that I'd touch this with a ten foot pole (eta: WARNING, NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK, OR HUMAN CONSUMPTION). Well, the one with the glasses doesn't make me PIMMAL, I guess. I don't know, maybe I'm turned on by their last names. Cisco Adler is producer Lou Adler's son ($$) and Orbi is Roy Orbison's son ($$). Anyhoo, it's a good show and I will continue watching.

I am also watching The Rock of Love on VH1 where they try to find Brett Michaels (from some hair band, Poison I think) true love. True love that understands he is going to do other chicks and never be around. Lots of substance there. He's always wearing a bandanna or a hat, I'm wondering if there is some receding hairline action going on or if he really thinks it looks cool.

Intellectual viewing at it's finest, my friends. Just thought I'd share.


Rebecca said...

Oh BARF! You've got to provide some sort of warning about that kind of thing! *gag*

Ms. Skywalker said...

Have you watched The Bad Girls Club?

Yet one more challenger to the History Channel.


Sasha said...

Rock of Love is trashtastic! And I am tivo-ing it, I admit it. Did you see Bret on the phone sex epi? He did not wear the bandana/hat combo and he looked scary. Note to self: Check out The Rock Life.

Muffy Willowbrook said...

You should really warn a girl that she's about to view something that has the potential to ruin sex for her for the rest of her life... EW!

Lynda Kay said...

OK Ashley, this is where our age difference kicks in. Once upon a time Bret Michaels was cute & Poison was cool! And believe it or not he has a full head of badly dyed blonde hair..but I agree with Sasha's comment-he does look pretty scary without the hat or bandanna.
P.S. That picture of Cisco Adler?? If you look past the saggy sac you realize he's skinny, pasty white..and he still has on his tube socks. RAWR BABY!!YEAH!!

Unknown said...

THAT NEEDED A WARNING! Holy Cow...a girl could get fired for looking at that on the job!

jennifer said...

Alright, anymore pics like that and we're going to have a Pavlov's dog scenerio where I think of "Ashley's Closet" and then start getting nauseated with the juice glands revving up in my mouth to pimmal because of all the nasty penis pictures being linked!