Thursday, August 23, 2007

Edited To Add:

The Renee just inquired about the history of pie safes and why pies needed to be locked up. My best guess was to keep those scent trails from enticing cartoon animals from stealing pies off of your windowsills but apparently that is not the case. This website has a better explanation and photos (and some furniture I'd love to buy):

Throughout the 19th century into the first decade of the 20th century the distinguished Pie Safe served households all over the country. Weekly baking of bread, cakes, cookies and pies were stored in a "Pie Safe" which was a ventilated with decorative Pierced-Tin Panels that kept out the critters and allowed air to flow through so the baked goodies would not get moldy.

Who knew? We keep toys in ours.

She was also questioning me on the meat and cheese thing with the Jews. Don't quote me on that, now that she mentions it it doesn't seem right that the Jews wouldn't eat Hamburger Helper. I was only half listening during orientation (I've always been a talker, believe it or not, and utilized this time to chat) and somehow took this away from the whole thing. Maybe it is a pork thing. That seems more likely. Whatever, I'm no expert.


Deb said...

I'm thinking Hamburger Helper isn't kosher and maybe you're dealing with Orthodox Jews? Just a theory. I could easily Google it and find out, but I'm too lazy.

Renee said...

Every time I ask my husband something these days, he tells me to Google it. It annoys me. I want HIM to Google it and tell me! That's why I'm asking! Of course I know how to find the information myself.

Tammy said...

I believe it has to do with combining of dairy and meat in the same dish-a jewish no no if my memory serves me correctly