Monday, August 6, 2007

Technical Difficulties

I may or may not have mentioned that our television set is dying a slow and painful death. The picture is awful and it randomly turns itself off. This started happening about a month ago and our first instinct was to rush right out and buy a new 50" plasma on credit and then we got kind of used to not having television and to actually having the television itself set a time limit on everyone's viewing. Sure, it is annoying in the middle of a good show but if worse comes to worst you just have to run in our bedroom to catch the end. So we decided we would do the fiscally responsible thing and save our money and buy ourselves a television the day after Thanksgiving.

Well now the television doesn't even stay on 10 minutes AND the Big Kid is without internet. I was just thinking maybe could overnight me the 50" plasma. Maybe they could even have the Geek Squad drop it off while they fix our household computer problems. There's got to be some sort of 36 month no interest sort of deal, screw getting out of credit card debt at this point.

I just had to have the following conversation:

Big Kid: Mommy, I was watching tree wittle pigs and dey were weading and I wiked it awot and den da t.v. turned off.
Ashley: I'm sorry, the tv is broken. Turn it back on.
Big Kid: I already did dat, wike 4 times.
Ashley: I'm sorry, that's a bummer.
Big Kid: Maybe I could do some special chores and I could get my computer back and all my games back and all dat stuff.
Ashley: Oh, hun, it's not that your games are in time out. The computer doesn't work and I can't fix it. I called a guy today to see if he can help us, but it might cost lots of money.
Big Kid: (Sadly) Den I will have to do a lot of chores. What should I do?
Ashley: You can start with the dishes.
Big Kid: (Starting to cry) It's just that I was such a bad boy and I wost all my pwivwidges and I never ever dot em back. Never ever did. The Big Kid is so sad.
Ashley: No, you did get them back. We just don't have a tv or internet access anymore. I'll help you get started with the dishes.

I feel bad for him. And he's annoying without a television or computer. He just made me recite a bunch of words for him to type into a word document and is changing his desktop wallpaper and all of his icons as I sit here and type this. My poor deprived child with no internet.


Deb said...

What did kids do before the internet? What did moms do before the internet?

Cake said...

Ummm, yeah. I have a 5 year old and would totally rack up more debt to get the PC fixed and a new TV.

I mean, you only live once - why should you have to occupy them 24/7? ;)

But really, 12 months same as cash was invented by a parent...


Unknown said...

Hmmm.. I wish I was closer, I'd fix his laptop...(That's what I did before I had Trevor)
It makes me sad to hear. No one should have to live without internet, not even a 3 year old.

Sorry for your loss(es)