Thursday, August 23, 2007

He's a 10

So tomorrow is the little kid's birthday! The Big One! I can't believe it has been a year. To celebrate, I have entered him into the Photowow Cute Baby contest. If he wins, I get a cool Warhol style print to hang in his room and you all will get a whole day to ask me anything you want (except questions that would help you stalk me).

So please go to the photowow website and vote for him, he's entrant number 47860. You can only vote once per computer, so feel free to use every computer you have, including your neighbor, children's, husband's work, library, etc. and I will love you forever. I believe the contest ends Tuesday, so get your votes in by late Monday.

After all, I don't get paid to entertain you all each day and I SERIOUSLY deserve a prize for getting this little monster to one year of age.


Unknown said...

He's #4 right now but we'll change that... I know people so don't you worry.. little kid will have plenty of votes and all the kids around him will be #3's (They throw 90% of the 1's and 2 votes out, ya know)

We got your back..

lisagh said...

I gave him a 10 and not even because you told me to. What a cutie!

jennifer said...

I voted (10, of course)! Happy Birthday, LK!

. said...

You make me laugh and keep me entertained. Of coarse LK gets a 10 (he's so cute - he should win anyway)