Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Child Abuse

I'm being abused by a child. Well technically, two of them but the physical and blatant emotional abuse comes from the little one. I am his human lovey and to soothe himself he must grab my face, claw my nose, pull my hair, jam his fingers in my mouth and scratch my gums, pinch my arms until they bruise and twist my ears. There's only so much one person can take, after hours of this I just want to scream. However, he can scream louder so I don't. I sit there and take it sometimes, just to keep him happy. He rams the backs of my ankles brutally with his walker and shrieks with laughter as I howl in pain.

He also likes to sit on my lap, fondling my breasts and smiling down at them. Sometimes I wake up at night to find him fiddling my nipples like radio dials. It borders on inappropriate. There is lots of boob groping going on and he loves to try to show them off in public. He's like a fat, bald, dirty little man.

The emotional abuse includes, but is not limited to: Crying every single time I put him down, following me around the house crawling or in his walker while sobbing and grabbing at me, pooping 4-5 times a day, only saying MA MA in an angry and confrontational manner, screaming in his room like he's on fire and then being all smiles the second I pick him up, immediately whining and crying whenever he sees me, depriving me of food and private bathroom time and talking mean to me.

There is also some emotional abuse inflicted by the big kid such as: making loud mouth noises on purpose, asking why about every freaking thing in the world, talking about crazy crap that makes no sense and insisting I take part in the conversation, depriving me of food and private bathroom time and talking mean to me.

There you have it. Child abuse isn't always about the children.

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