Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I'm No Supermom

So, I know I owe you all a "Things that would make our lives easier" (my life anyway) Shopping Adventure but I've been busy playing Super Mom all day. I belong to a playgroup full of Super Moms who are involved in all kinds of activities with their kids every day of the week. They are amazing women and I want to be just like them when I grow up one day. Instead I aim for one thing every one or two weeks and have a playdate with my bestfriend and the big kid's girlfriend one day a week. I really think that's plenty for us. When I get a Blackberry and can feed my internet addiction from the road, maybe we'll get out more.

This morning we went to a pottery painting place and I stamped the big kid's hands and the little kid's feet onto square plates. Later I will go back and add their names and birthdays and some decorative touches and they will glaze them for me and I will use them for Special Day plates. They turned out really cute but will surely look like crap after I add my decorative touches. I will also have to better define Special Day because every single day since early December, when I took the big kid to the zoo with this pretty little girl he has a crush on, we have had the following conversation:

big kid: Well mommy, it's a special day.
me: Why is it a special day, honey? (yes, I am nice to the brats)
big kid: Well, actually...(thoughtful pause here) It's always a special day.

How freaking weird is that? Who talks like that? He says it in a really strange, sing songy little tone too (he has a sweet squeaky little muppet voice). We don't say things like "It's a special day." And I am absolutely not exaggerating when I say that this happens EVERY SINGLE DAY!! At any random point of the day or night. It is adorable but odd.

After pottery painting we went to the park (sucked, it's way too hot for that shit), back home for lunch (sucked, I had to make lunch AS USUAL) and then to speech class (sucked, that lame shit deserves a blog entry of its own.)

So now I'm really tired because I don't even go out once a day, little less go out twice a day and to 3 places. Whew. It was a lot. The little kid in a sling at all three places by the way, because he's a firm believer in Attachment Parenting (me, not so much). So I'm too tired to do our Shopping Adventure right now. I have it mostly ready so maybe I can do it when these damn kids go to bed. No promises though. I'm a no promises kind of girl.


Unknown said...

So, the question is: Did you happen to pick up papertowels during your myriad outings today?

Unknown said...

Holy Crap..
I was totally thinking the same thing!
I'll bet you didn't :)

Unknown said...

LOL, actually Mr. Ashley came home with paper towels yesterday. I couldn't go another second without those bad boys.