Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Things to Make Life Easier

Hmmmm, those photos are smaller than I intended. I'm not redoing it though, you're just going to have to squint or zoom in or use your imagination.

First on the list, a memo pen! I love this idea because I love lists and I love notebooks and I love pens. But when I go out I never have a notebook AND a pen (I usually leave the notebook in the diaper or purse or car) It has 2 feet of paper in the cap. I'm not sure what you do once that paper runs out, but I'm sure they've thought of that. $20

Pretty file folders! I swear I'd pay bills and keep important paperwork organized if it was this much fun. $12 for 12 folders http://www.artsuppliesonline.com/catalog.cfm?cata_id=10384

Damask print garbage bags! I know, I know, they are totally ridiculous but I really do love them. I'm not exactly sure how they'd make life easier but they'd sure make it a little more enjoyable. $10 for 20 bags

It's called a lazy spoon and I think it was a great idea! I have a pretty pottery spoon rest but I don't like getting it dirty and having to wash one more freaking thing. I guess I could rest the dirty spoon on a paper towel, but I just thought of that and it isn't nearly as much fun as this. $24

I think this little strainer is neat. I don't know why, I guess because I so resent all the space my big strainer takes up and it tumbling out of the cupboard onto my feet all the time. I've been considering one of those ones that collapses flat. I guess this one may not take care of all of my straining needs? I don't know, I like it anyway. $12

Woohoo that silver handheld vacuum is FAAAN-CEE. For $140 it should bathe the kids and put them in bed. I wonder why it has no reviews on Amazon? My Dustbuster probably works just as well but this would go better with my apron and heels.

Just in case you're too cheap (smart) to splurge on the $140 glorified dustbuster, here is the next best thing. Her name is Swan and her story is that she is a lovely ballerina awaiting her Prince Charming. She is hoping that Mr. Right comes along to join her in cleaning and sweeping allowing them to live together happily ever after. (And no, I didn't make that corny crap up, took it straight off the site). Things with stories are always cute in my book.


I have found the solution for my hatred of ironing!! NAKED MEN! I'm not sure Mr. Ashley would go for it and 14 British Pounds probably equals $2 trillion dollars these days, so I doubt I'll ever have the joy of ironing over that little towel cover and watching it disappear. Doesn't that seem magical though?

Mary Poppins, the nanny of my dreams. I know the big kid likes her and I'm almost positive the little kid would go for it. She'd have to be an acceptable substitute for me, I would think. I don't want to never see the kids, I just don't want to bathe them, feed them or wipe their butts. I'd also think she could help with the housecleaning? Because that would rock. Unfortunately I have no link for Mary Poppins, but here is a website that can help find a great nanny: http://www.greataupair.com/

So there you have it. You can buy an easier life and you deserve one.


Unknown said...

I'm going to have to get my $2mm "cheeky" ironing board cover, tout de suit.

BTW- How do I nominate Pharmacy Boardship Online for your list of favorite places? It is a wonderful site and fulfills all of your skateboarding & teenage gifting ideas.

Jess said...

I just want you all to know that I introduced Ashley to that strainer, thankyouverymuch. (Had to be part of the phenomenom that is ashley's blog)