Friday, May 18, 2007

Come on Bedtime!

Good God, when is bedtime????? This day is neverending. As I type the big kid is pleading with me to please, please press the sunshine button on my computer. There is no sunshine button on my freaking computer kid, if there was it would be worn down to a nub by now!! He just finished sobbing because I'm unwilling to catch any more premium footage of him on camcorder, for him to watch back and his laugh his ass off at over and over and over again. He's funny don't get me wrong, but not quite as funny as he thinks he is.

Usually the big kid is the good one (and that's not saying much) but today he has been non-stop annoying. He pretty much ruined my baby pool relaxation plan. I even scheduled it so the Terror would be napping, but the big kid had to have a hissy fit about the bugs in the pool. Our baby pool has a cover, so it is just the occasional love bug, but he is insistent I spend the entire time scooping out love bug carcasses. I was also splashed incessantly (he knows I hate that shit!!) and used for a horsey game at one point. Needless to say, my book got soggy but not read.

I decided to be productive (anything to avoid cleaning the house!) and figure out the dvd camcorder I got for Christmas. What a pain in the ass this thing is! I still don't know what is going on, I'm not even sure what to ask or who to ask. I think I figured it out but don't know if I will again. I think I prefer my old method of shoving teeny tiny cassettes, that would never fit in a VCR without an accessory I don't have or can't find, into random drawers and boxes, often unlabeled, possibly never to be seen again.

All in all, not a very fun or productive day. Poor Mr. Ashley broke a tooth and has to work late so he's not much fun either. Oh, I did have a really good idea!! While I was filming Future Superstar Big Kid, I was thinking that it would be neat every year on his birthday to ask him the same questions and record his answers. I'm thinking:

-What's your name, age and phone number?
-Where do you live?
-What's your favorite color?
-What do you want to be when you grow up?
-What is your favorite animal?
-What is your favorite tv show?
-Who is your favorite person?
-Say Supercalifragilisticexpyaladocious (Totally guessed on the spelling there, but I think it looks good!!)
-Will you sing me a song?

I think it could be really, really cute, if I actually remember to do it and if he willingly participates.

Oh and btw, if I hear "Why?" one more time today I am going to fucking lose it. LOSE IT I TELL YOU. BECAUSE I SAID SO AND I'M NOT GOING TO TELL YOU AGAIN, THAT IS WHY.


Unknown said...

That's a ridiculously cute idea about the birthday questions.. mind if I try it too and never tell anyone it wasn't my idea?
I'm telling ya.. not a creative bone in my body.. I simply can't even stand it anymore.
And I totally plan on purchasing a few of these outfits. I don't know why though, while they are insanely cute on the screen, I am going to look like some fat slob who tries to hard to look skinny again in them. Oh well, such is life.

Unknown said...

You can steal all of my ideas for yourself, as long as we don't know any of the same people. If we do know the same people, I'd be forced to kick your ass and out you for the uncreative lump that you are.

I love all of these outfits too, but don't own one of them. I have 8 pages of favorites on but have never bought a pair of shoes from them. One day our time will come my dear!! And we WILL look hot, damnit. HAWT even.