Monday, May 28, 2007

Pants Off Dance Off--WTF???

I'm tired (I think I say this every post, I need uppers or something) but I just had to get on here and ask if you all have seen Pants off Dance off on Fuse? WHAT THE FUCK?? This is totally insane. Is it a joke? Why am I watching it?? Lordy.

I'm having a great weekend and hope you all are too. Mr. Ashley woke up with the kids both mornings (God bless this man!) and made me biscuits and gravy for breakfast (And he cooks!). The boat was total and complete heaven, dolphins everywhere, the water was a pretty greenish color, no one wanted to take a walk with me so I escaped ALONE for a while. Okay, a long ass time. Long enough to lay in the shallow water in the side of the island no one goes to and just float in peace and quiet while looking for shells. Then I took a nap when I got home. Yep, it is tough to be me. I love being a princess (have you heard that Backyardigans song? One of my faves, the big kid likes it too, much to Mr. Ashley's dismay.)

Today we lazed around here and then went to my parents for dinner where we stuffed ourselves full and I ignored the kids and read magazines. Tomorrow we're going to go to Home Depot to get paint for the outside of the house (yay!) and some new plants and we may go do some other shopping too. I'm sure you're all so interested. I mainly came on to tell you to keep an eye out for this Pants Off Dance Off shit, it's too weird, but I know you want a weekend update. I'll be back with something interesting soon.

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