Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ready for a nap

Damn, I'm tired. Really, really, really so very tired. The little kid woke up at 7am and Mr. Ashley had appointments so he was allllllllll mine. Of course now the brat is napping and I'm sitting here too tired to even hop in the shower before the big kid wakes up (he's a late riser).

I have a hair appointment today where I will argue with my stylist about wanting to go blonder and where she will argue back that I will have to deal with roots and I will swear that that will be fine because I love getting my hair done and will come more often and then she'll swear that I always say that and end up having to cancel and postpone appointments due to money and childcare issues. Then she'll cave and pretend to go much lighter, but really only go a little bit lighter in a few streaks, and I'll probably be happy when I leave, annoyed when I get home and over it by tomorrow.

My point is, don't expect much today. I will be lounging around the salon reading gossip rags and having my scalp massaged. (It's okay to be jealous)

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the rural rube said...

yeah, i'm tired too.... damn AF kept me up all night. If it ain't the freakin' kids, it's the dogs. If it ain't the freakin' dogs, it's the cats. If it ain't the freakin' cats, it's AF.....

Go blonde. It's summer. Roots are fine, too, and what's once every three months to get them done? I hope you win at least this fight today...if not all of them.
take it easy.