Friday, May 18, 2007

House Bitch Uniform

So this may or may not come to a total surprise to you all, but I'm really not a domestic goddess in any way, shape or form. I do want to be one though, really I do! So my newest thinking is that maybe if I dressed the part of Domestic Goddess, I would magically transform into one. Clothes make the woman, right? It must be true because these "lounge" clothes (as I prefer to call pajamas) are clearly making me a lazy slob.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this "Bitch" apron. It's funny, cute, kitschy and practical! Wouldn't it be fun to put one of these on to whip up dinner for the family?
I found this treasure at HBIC (which stands for "Head Bitch in Charge", O How I Love Thee!) Etsy store: $24. The potholder is also from HBIC and is on sale for $6.

That sassy pin up girl dish towel is from JLS Designs for $10:

The headband ($6) and adorable dish gloves ($15) are from Busy B Boutique I actually had the pleasure of doing business with this seller when I bought a similar pair of dishgloves for a friend of mine. From what I hear, they make cleaning up dog puke more fun!! You should feel pretty while cleaning up dog puke, yes?

That fancy feather duster is $50! It does look pretty luxurious though, perhaps it's for more than dusting? Hmmm. Check it out for yourself at Domestikit:

There we go, I'm pretty sure we solved the problem of my dreary and constantly dirty kitchen today!! By this time next week I should be one Happy House Bitch with all this gear.

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Anonymous said...

wow a house bitch outfit, just what i need to complete my transformation from working dad to house bitch