Saturday, October 11, 2008

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

I had an all day Halloween event sort of thing today and we need to go over prize etiquette and some general behavior tips, but I came home to a chicken.

Chicka is growing up.

I knew it would happen, I'm just shocked that it happened today. Here she was just the other day.

With the goons.

(I know, Big Kid needs a trim and little kid needs some pants. That's the story of our lives around here.)

That was Wednesday.

I'll have to take a picture of her for you tonight, because she's way bigger. We found someone in the paper with chickens the same age as her and we're going to get one so she doesn't have to suffer as an only chicken.

My cat Pearl just puked on the coffee table right in front of me, so I've got to go, but I'll be back with more photos and some etiquette reminders a little later.

P.S. Did you know you have to wipe a chick's butt for it? If you do know--why the hell didn't you tell me??


ralph and martha said...

omg - you SO have to check out this site - she is a chicken pro. I love hooking peeps (sorry, it was funny!) up and have information flowing!! Have fun - she'll give you the scoop on the chicken butts. plus her blog is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Hello I love Big Kids hair and Little Kid is the perfect age for no pants. Too cute! Best, Becs

Haute Mama said...

Love the Zeppelin tee little kid is rockin' - we're suckers for retro gear. My daugher has a black tee that says in pink - ACDC Back in Black.

Chicka is adorable. How long until she starts laying eggs? I know NOTHING about chicks.

Stephanie said...

Big kid's hair is cute.

Who needs pants at home? Especially when you are young? Or ever?

Cute chicken...and you couldn't pay me to wipe their asses.

Anonymous said...

Did you read the news story saying people shouldn't have chicks or hamsters or iguanas if they have kids under 5? Salmonella or something. Just wanted to give you the heads up. It was on yahoo news during the week.

Anonymous said...

BK's hair is cute, but I see what you mean about LK's mullet... I think a haircut is in order.

Anonymous said...

ETA on previous comment - I just checked out your PG postings, and someone referred to BK as a "she"... maybe it is time for two haircuts!

Jaime said...

Really you have to wipe their butts? No thank you! I do enough butt wiping with my four and five year old as is.

You are a much better chick mama than I would ever be.

Mitch said...

In my house, we're lucky if either kid will wear pants at home. Hell, we're lucky if we can get Ray to even wear a shirt.

Anonymous said...

Ummm.. Ashley why are you having to wipe Chicka's butt? I have never wiped a chicks rear end and we have had chickens for the last 7+ years. Have I totally missed something - lol :) You have got to have hens next year so they can hatch naturally. It is SO much easier and no wiping chicken butts.

Lk and Bk are adorable as always!

Unknown said...

I guess I could just not wipe but then I have to look at chick turd. That fuzzy butt gets dried stuff on it.

little kid TOTALLY needs a haircut. He looks ridiculous, I say it every time I look at him. Mr. Ashley and Big Kid protest, but they're not the boss and it's on my short list. Big Kid rocks the shaggy hair, but it needs to be trimmed/shaped up for sure.

I did hear about the small animal thing but I don't sweat that stuff, we just wash our hands really well. So many kids have enjoyed small pets up until now. little kid really doesn't get a lot of contact with the chick--for the chick's safety ;-)

Joy said...

Yes please keep Chicka safe from lk, I wouldn't worry about him being safe from her!

Emmy said...

That chick is so cute! I had no idea you had to wipe their butts though!

Kate said...

Is it wrong that I totally busted up at the expresson on lk's face? He totally looks like he should be rocking the Ozzy shirt with that expression of I'm gonna bite this chick.

As far as BK's hair, I used to let Shaggy's grow out like that until people kept calling him a girl. Stupid asses - who dresses their girl in boy's clothes. I agree with you, just give him a trim up. He looks super sweet with the Shaggy do!

Multislacking Mama said...

Say what? Chica Butt! Super cute.

I love LK's shirt.